Saturday, September 25, 2004

Slanderous and Outrageous

The Republican campaign, including George W. Bush, has repeatedly suggested that John Kerry is soft on terror, that terror would prosper under his administration, that terrorists all over the world want John Kerry to be President of the United States, that John Kerry prefers Saddam Hussein to the current quagmire in Iraq. These statements are outright lies and fabrications for which there is never any excuse. They are slanderous and outrageous. There is no place for them or the people who utter them in American politics!

The fact is that Republicans are out of control. They have been taken over by a band of radical, immoral, honorless, thugs. The chief thug is Karl Rove, while Dick Cheney is the highest elected thug in the nation. George, with his modest intelligence and confabulated speech, with his raging temper and born-again ego, is not really in charge, he just follows orders and dollars.

The New York Times Saturday, September 25, 2004 lead editorial calls Bush and the Republicans un-American for their use of slander and untruths. The Times has to be polite.