Friday, September 10, 2004

Terrorism in Russia

The Chechen terrorism in the south of Russia this week adds a new dimension to the somber history of Russia. The wanton murder of helpless children bespeaks the murderous rage that these sad, bitter people feel. There is no excuse for it, not rage, not anger, not political helplessness, no excuse whatsoever!

The Chechen people bear the burden of this assault on civilization. We do not care that their sovereignty has been in question for 50 or a 100 years. This act of murderous barbarism must be paid for, and the civilized world will be sure that they do.

In yesterday's newspapers I read that Daniel Pipes, the scion of a well-known Russian Historian, called upon Putin and the Russian government to set the Chechen people free. Daniel Pipes is a moron. Does he not understand that such comments give aid and comfort to the barbarians in Chechnya? No American, whether inside or outside the government, should be commenting on the Chechen situation, except to deplore the use of violence ... on either side ... to settle the problem.

The problem is that the Chechens are envious of the independence the Georgians to their south and the Azerbaijanis to their southeast now enjoy with the break-up of the Russian and Soviet Empires. The brutal fact is that Chechnya is not a country any more than West Virginia is a country, despite their many similarities, including size and population, and regardless of the fact that Chechnya is Muslim.

The correct response to Chechen terrorists and terrorists everywhere is to not negotiate with them. Terrorism is a crime against civilization and humanity. Its advocates must be removed from society wherever they appear.

Dr. Jim Brett