Monday, October 18, 2004

Voting Trouble

Columnist Paul Krugman has a recent and very important article on willful destruction of voting applications, harassment of voters, and various other kinds of Republican fraud and criminal activity, all of which is consistent with their "dirty tricks" mentality and unscrupulous behavior during this campaign and in past elections.

There is no question that the Republicans will attempt to suppress the Democratic vote in key states. The question is how they will attempt to do it and how often. In Florida in 2000 the polling places most likely to be used by Blacks were moved to other locations at the last minute and the streets were crawling with police, while speeding tickets and other citations for minor infractions doubled and tripled in these very same areas. Krugman cites many other cases and methodologies as well.

If someone you know is a recent registrant, advise them to make double sure that their registration was actually processed. If their registrar cannot find them, then tell them to call the number at the top of our webpage for assistance. We are not sure it will do any good in the case of registration frauds, since clearly there is a time limitation. Voters should always register early, but we know that many do not, and hence the problem.

The new link in our menu bar is to the website of the organization sponsoring the hot line. We hope you read the Krugman article and visit this website.

There is a long tradition in the United States of election fraud and dirty tricks and out-and-out criminal behavior affecting voters. Democrats in Texas during the early years of Lyndon Johnson managed to get votes out of tombstones. The Daly Machine in Chicago was corrupt and produced votes for Kennedy that might have been THE crucial votes that gave him Illinois and the election. The fact that both parties have done it, does not make it right for either or any party to continue the practice. It is a blot on our national image that the world's oldest democracy cannot conduct the essential business of a representative democracy without criminal behaviors.

Voters should demand the very best of election officials and complete honesty. If it takes until next March to count the ballots cast this coming November 2nd, then so be it. We shall count and count until we are sure that additional counting will not change the result! If your party asks you for money between now and November 2nd, send them some and designate it for the fund used to pursue legal claims against election fraud!