Friday, December 03, 2004

Depression? Frustration?

It has been one month and a day since the election. Have I been keeping track of the time? noticed.
I have to admit that I was in a pretty deep funk for about a week. I imagine I went through all the stages a patient, who has been told he has an incurable disease, usually goes through after the bad news. Denial, anger, sorrow, acceptance. I was told "he won, accept it." Well I know I have to accept it but I do NOT have to like it!
These are very scarey times for our country. The word fascism races through my mind several times a day, and I suggested to the person who told me to just "accept it", that perhaps they ought to go back and really study the rise of the Third Reich. The parrallels are incredible.
Hitler also ran on the God ticket. First the homosexuals were the verboten group. Then, as we all know, the list of those who were not acceptable grew to include an entire bloc of people who were of the Judaic persuasion. If you dared to speak out against Hitler then you were considerd "unpatriotic" Is any of this starting to sound familiar?
So, now that the depression has lifted, I am in a state of frustration. Frustrated with my fellow countrymen that they have allowed this man, and the current group of "No Nothings", to come back into a position where he can do even more damage to our Constitution, our standing in the world and to our planet itself.
Someone said, those who voted for Mr. Bush, will begin to regret their decision.
Regret they may, but it will be a classic case of too little too late...unfortunately.