Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Incompetent Failures

Democrats are finally swinging into action. Their response to the failed Bush foreign policy will surely hold up, if not thwart, the Rice nomination as Secretary of State. At this moment there are not enough Democrats with the political courage to go the whole way, but there is hope.

Bush has failed utterly in Iraq. There is not even a snowball's chance of establishing in Iraq a model democracy for the rest of Islam to emulate. There is no chance that the citizens of Iraq will soon forgive the hobnailed intrusion of the American military into their native land. The sure bet is that we have created a hostile camp out of Iraq, a camp that will nurture terrorism far in excess of the Saddamite brand of dictatorial terrorism.

Bush has failed in North Korea. Admittedly he would have had to have read quite a bit about North Korea before issuing his Axis of Evil statement some years ago to know exactly how evil North Korea is. The point of being President of the United States is not to name enemies or create them, but to fix the situation so that precious human lives are not wasted because of ignorance and mischance. The Chinese and Japanese may get something good to happen in North Korea, but the United States is not (for the next four years, anyway) part of that recipe.

Bush has not done well in Iran, either, and there is every reason to believe that he is about to make a very, very bad mistake. If Bush sends (allows/cajoles/forces) Israel to take the first (their second) big step against Iranian nuclear facilities, then you can be sure that the United States will be there to defend Israel from the reprisal, and swiftly we will be up to our necks in Ayatollahs and fiercely nationalistic Iranians.

This might seem like the right thing to do with Vladimir Putin in high dudgeon over our meddling in the Ukraine election. But Putin meddled, too, it seems. And, afterall, establishing two beachheads on Russia's borders in short order should cause a certain amount of concern in the Kremlin. Bush seems bent on restoring the cold war animosities with Russia. He does know they have nukes, doesn't he?

But Iran may not be the next neocon target afterall. Maybe we are going to kill off Assad in Syria first. The international press (not the national press, for some reason!) is reporting American threats against them. They have never been friendly, so what the hell! Eh, George!

The best way to keep a docile and ignorant public disoriented (and relatively quiescent) is to shock them and awe them with televised heroics of military adventures. Too bad that the foreign policy just adds up to the bullying of a nation prematurely past its prime, past its economic ability to carry out protracted and perpetual warfare, long since overstayed its world-wide welcome, a fantasyland of neocon self-indulgence and fundamentalist dogmatism!