Thursday, January 13, 2005

People For the American Way Launch Young People Progressive Leadership Program

People For the American Way Foundation is launching Young People For, a major new program designed to identify and engage young progressive activists and leaders and equip them to move into positions of leadership around the nation. Young People For will meet at a four-day training summit here in Washington later this month.
PFAW Foundation is excited to welcome its first class of YP4 fellows to Washington, D.C. The 126 college-aged progressive leaders from across the country will engage in skills trainings on coalition building and message framing, and attend information trainings on a range of issues: from the Patriot Act to the Federal Marriage Amendment, from the environment to immigrant rights. The conference runs throughout the long weekend, January14-17, and provides an opportunity for the fellows to learn from each other as well as the expert panelists
The Young People For Fellowship Program is a year-long program for 120 freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from colleges and universities around the country. The fellowship program will help today's rising progressive leaders accomplish their goals and make a difference on their campuses, in the community, and across the nation. Through the program, we will reach 6,000 young progressive leaders this year on 40 college campuses in seven states and the District of Columbia and bring them into the Young People For Fellowship Program. Year by year, we believe this new program will grow exponentially. It's a long overdue investment in the future leaders of our country.
1. Identify and invest in young progressive leaders and increase their effectiveness and influence in future leadership positions in nonprofit organizations, communities, media, business and elected office2. Build and sustain a long-term progressive network for young activists and leaders that begins with 120 Fellows and spans across campuses, communities, states and generations3. Reach 6,000 young progressive students on 40 college campuses in seven states and the District of Columbia and bring them into the Young People For network.4. Identify and partner with other leading progressive organizations to engage young leaders in critical issues, including civil liberties, the judiciary, free speech, voting rights, and civil rights 5. Reach out to progressive funders to increase awareness of conservative commitment to building the next generation of conservative leaders and to begin building a parallel commitment by progressive funders6. Create three readily accessible youth leadership toolkits that provide information on progressive issues, media and communication skills and state networking opportunities7. Produce interactive on-line courses and web-based programs accessible to Fellows, student leaders and PFAW Foundation members that build on skills trainings and issues raised at the Summit