Saturday, January 22, 2005

Win Win Win Win

George and his Religious-Right and NeoCon buddies have come up with a "win-win-win-win" strategy. If you read the blogs and the regular press you cannot help but be amused by the flailing around, the thud of the old plungers churning, the spray of ideas all running off into the bayou like so much April rain. These pundits have to make a living too, you know. But, the cost of all their wailing and moaning is confusion and heartache among Liberals and Progressives.

Win number one is that whatever George does is going to cost money, federal money, money that could be spent on something productive. So, the War in Iraq is a monstrous success because it syphons money out of the federal budget at a thundering pace. Whether the Iraqis ever behave themselves or not, George wins.

Win number two is that it all plays well for the sovereignty and security of Israel, where the Religious Right wants the Israelites to assemble in their full and resplendent Biblical prophecy and fill out their destiny, preparing the world for Armageddon and the Rapture.

Win number three is that whatever happens in Iraq George will have established an advanced outpost in the mideast, either in being or psychologically. No one in the mideast will ever, ever think that George is too timid to move troops behind his words. Say, the new puppet government says it's a-okay to keep troops in Iraq more or less indefinitely. That's a win because then George will have troops where the oil is. But, say that the situation deteriorates substantially (and it already has, of course, but it could get much, much worse) and moving the troops out was determined to be a good plan. Where would be put them? Iran, of course! Maybe Syria while we are at it.

Win number four is Social Security. George has played his favorite card in this gambit, the panic/crisis card. He has forever undermined the confidence of the American public in the very most successful social program ever mounted. So, if he loses the fight for privatization, he still wins because his Wall St. buddies will have been witness to the fight, will have noted the body blows George landed, and so he will have repaid his debt to them. But, if he is successful in establishing privatization accounts, George will have to borrow THREE TRILLION dollars to pay for the exercise (which is bound to impoverish some people, leave some just as uncertain of their futures as before, and make a couple of families well off) ... which, if you are keeping score is exactly what these neocons want to do ... spend copious amounts of money so that regulatory programs, medical and science programs, and other social programs go begging.

Arching above all of this is the ultimate win. George's War on Terrorism is just exactly what he needed to galvanize (read "terrorize") public opinion in the United States. With fear as his right-hand ally, George can (and has) suppressed dissent, cowed (and purchased) the press, removed certain "inalienable" rights, among these habeas corpus, and generally prepared the American polity for a generation long (or perhaps 1,000 year long) submersion in one-party rule, all the while claiming to be the harbinger and guardian of democracy world wide!

It is brilliant and sinister plot against the Republic. It is the tragic demise of constitutional government in the United States and the rising up of the very worst in us: the hypocrisy of and arrogance of physical power, selfishness amid bounty; and the totalitarianism of the religious fanatics. It is too late for tolerance and courtesy. It is too late for appeasement and apathy. If we are to have the real America again, we must fight for it.