Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Will Anybody Listen

A February sixth article in the Washington Post by David Kay, former chief UN inspector in Iraq, makes a compelling case for not repeating the same mistakes in Iran that we made in Iraq. Kay wisely calls for the US to pause and recall what went wrong with Iraq and recommends the US take five important steps before we go off half cocked into a military misadventure in Iran. Kay worries that the US is already beginning to beat the drums of war and that there are eerie similarities to the run up of the Iraq mess.

Unfortunately, Kay thinks he is dealing with rational people and can persuade with reason. He fails to realize that the intelligence on Iraq was deliberately distorted by the Pentagon with the full knowledge of the White House so that if the wheels should come off the train, the Intelligence Community would take the blame. The reasons for the invasion of Iraq have been laid out in previous articles and don’t need to be repeated. Needless to say, the invasion had nothing to do with WMD or any threat to the US from terrorists.

Now that the Bush Administration has eliminated from its ranks those who might have dissented, such as Colin Powell, from supporting a military solution to destroy Iran’s possible nuclear threat, we should all be concerned that we may soon be engaged in another military adventure in support of the “war on terror.”

It is the time for liberals to speak out that we will not be taken in by lies and half truths. We must insist on a diplomatic solution to remove Iran’s nuclear capabilities. War should be the last option, not the first.