Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...

With all the controversy these days over the Ten Commandments, I find it hard to reconcile the arguments of the various pro "10" groups with the rampant lying which seems to be endemic to this administration, and which these self styled moralists take as gospel.

When I was a child, one of the first lessons I learned was not to lie. I soon discovered that trying to cover up my "sin", with a lie, was the fastest route to punishment. Something which might have been negligible, had I 'fessed up in the beginning. This was a lesson I tried to pass on to my own children, and explained to them that lying was not the best way of handling any situation. (Of course there are always exceptions...hubby BETTER tell me that the dress is flattering!)

Now, we are led by an administration, which, for all its hallelujahing about it's faith, still manages, on a daily basis, to tell the most outrageous whoppers! I guess we have come to expect our politicians to lie to us. It is part of the political game, but, generally what they "lie" about are not so much lies as they are promises that they learn early on they are unable to keep.

The other day I began to think about the lies, which my government has managed to get away with telling for the last 1, 460 days, and, they have started off the next 1,460 with it.

If you still believe, in the light of all the evidence to the contrary, that Saddam Hussein had WMD's, that he and Bin Laden were in this plot together than read no further. You are obviously convinced that George W. Bush is, indeed, the Second Coming and nothing I can say will change your mind.

Another whopper, managed to convince otherwise clear headed Americans that we were in eminent danger of being slaughtered by those non existent WMD's. (Reminiscent of Ronald Reagan telling us we were in danger of being slaughtered by Granadans who could sweep up from Central America and be in TX in less time than it took for the SST to fly from London to NY.)

Abu Ghraib was the work of a handful of malcontents.
The Swift Boat Veterans were actually telling the truth.
There is nothing wrong with the quality of our air or water.
Drilling in Alaska will not upset the balance of anything.
Giving tax cuts to there wealthiest among us will help spur the economy.
Social Security is bankrupt!

That part of the economy that tax cuts spur is not in most Americans monetary, furs, diamonds or a 60 ft. boat or 2nd home.
If you are a malcontent in the military, torture is not the way to get yourself cashiered.
Tuna fish is not in my children's diet anymore (nor swordfish in mine) due to the high mercury content.
I have a water filtration system in my house even though the town I live in has well water.
I cannot picture the pristine wilderness of Alaska being sullied by oil rigs...have you seen Galveston Beach lately?

For the last 70 years the Republicans have had a hair across their anatomy over Social Security. (Personally I believe they have had the hair over FDR, period...just my opinion.) Social Security is the only surviving part of FDR's grand plan that helped our nation to recover from the Great Depression, and has managed to save many seniors from abject poverty after their retirement.

And now along comes George with his lie about Social Security being bankrupt. Be afraid, be VERY afraid, not because it is true, but because he is convincing a lot of Americans that it is. This is the greatest whopper of them all. It is NOT bankrupt it will not BE bankrupt. Admittedly, it will be in a state of flux in about 37 years. This is a situation which well could be managed now, with some fine tuning and some reasonable alternatives, for those who would like it, but not as THE alternative to Social Security.

For the millions of workers in America that depend on Social Security for retirement, being a part of the "investor class", is not, at this moment, a viable alternative for that retirement. Most can ill afford to take what little they do pay into Social Security to invest in anything except the necessities of their current, shelter and clothing.

The bottom line of Bush's plan though is that the government would STILL control your money, except now, rather than invest in your guaranteed retirement fund, Social Security, they will invest it for you, in, oh say, something like ENRON. Of course they believe that you are not smart enough to handle your own money anyway. If you were, wouldn't you be able to get along quite well with minimum wage?

This administration has a stranglehold on the vast majority of this nation's populace. They control it with an element of fear, and they have become masters of this mode of operation. How? By telling lies which, by design, create an atmosphere of fear.

I guess no one ever told them, it's a sin to tell a lie!