Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bolton: Bush's Bully Boy

Why would George Bush nominate someone to be ambassador to an organization that the individual despises? The answer: Because Bush has no regard for the United Nations either, since the UN refused to back his stupid foray into Iraq. By nominating John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN, Bush is in effect thumbing his nose at the UN saying, in effect, “take that”!

John Bolton has never hidden his disdain for the UN. For example, he once said,” that if the UN building lost ten stories it wouldn’t make a bit of difference”, and he even went so far as to say that “ There is no such thing as the United Nations.” He also said that the United States should only support the UN when it in the interest of the United States to do so.

But, Bolton is also incompetent and arrogant. As Under Secretary of State for Arms Control, Bolton effectively killed a ban on production of fissile materials and he was a vocal opponent of the global ban on nuclear testing. A Harvard University study revealed that under Bolton’s watch less fissile material was secured in the two years after 9-11 than in the two years before 9-11. Bolton has no plan to deal with Iran’s nuclear weapons. President Bush has claimed the impasse can be solved by diplomacy, but in 2002 when Iran was interested in discussing its nuclear program, Bolton ignored Iran’s gesture and late last year he mocked the very idea of talking with Iran, telling a European conference on Iran’s nuclear program, “I don’t do carrots.”

John Bolton has also pressured intelligence analysts to produce intelligence that would support his agenda, and ignored good intelligence when it did not support his preconceived notions of the truth. In 2002 Bolton had planned to announce the existence of a secret bio-weapons plan in Cuba. When the chief intelligence analyst on bio-weapons in the State Department blocked Bolton because the speech did not reflect the facts, Bolton pressured him; and when that did not work, tried to have him fired. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, Bolton dismissed U. N. reports that that had found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said the report was “impossible to believe.”

John Bolton should not be confirmed as ambassador to the United Nations. Given his abysmal record, he should not even be in government. In any sane administration he would have been given his walking papers a long time ago. But, we have a President who likes to reward incompetence so long as the incompetence supports the Administration’s distorted view of the world and American’s role in it.