Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Intelligence & Stem Cells

I am having a very hard time, these days, with a lot of what passes for religious concern on the part of those who occupy the White House and several seats in the Senate. I happen to think they have a lot of things backwards, but then I am sure they would feel the same of me.

Now take Intelligent Design. Just the word intelligent has the connotation, to me, that whoever the designer was had a plan in mind and it was a very good one. We are all intelligent beings, and I would guess that those amongst us who are designers, have a rather different sort. I know I am NOT a designer, and stick figures are the extent of my artistic abilities, but I am always amazed at what the mind of man has brought forth.

In this case we are supposedly talking about God, a superior being. Which, means that we are talking about a super intelligence and one which none of us could ever aspire to achieve? I illustrate this by saying that even the most intelligent humans amongst us cannot tell us which came first, the chicken or the egg. A clever creator with a sense of humor I would say.

Think about this for a moment. IF the earth was created by this super intelligent being, then why on earth did he create man? There are those who say that we were made in this being's image. All things being equal then one can assume that our creator gave us the intelligence that we have,based somewhat on his own? Therefore I can only conclude that he did this for a very good reason. He created something awesome and he expected us to pick up the baton and run with it.

Because we have read some words written centuries ago, in man's attempt to explain our origins, we have a rather inflated sense of ourselves. This creator expected us to have dominion over the earth. This says to me that for this, his most magnificent creation, he needed a caretaker. This is why I am having a problem with those whose job it should be to see to it that we ARE good stewards. It appears to me that they are doing everything in their power to trash that which they claim was created through "intelligent design".

Not only are our intelligently designed oceans sick, those things which call the oceans their home are being destroyed, by the creators's stewards. Untold numbers of birds have become extinct, their demise caused by, the creator's stewards. We denude the creator's forests, scrape in earth to find hidden treasures (oil, coal, diamonds, zinc, copper, tin, etc.), dirty every body of water, and plant ourselves and our shopping malls in every vacant corner. We pollute the creator's clean air and destroy the creator's atmosphere. We are slowly, but surely, destroying our planet. These are not the actions of intelligent beings.

Now I have to go back to this creator being who has given us our intelligence. At some point I have to believe that he saw what we would come to. After all he gave us the ability to create. We live in a world today made possible by those who have used that intelligence to the betterment of humanity. They have given us the wheel, tools, carts, railroads, dams, bridges, electricity, automobiles, flight, computers and even the outer boundaries of space, and cures for many diseases.

Now some have said that in order for us to pursue what seems to be our creator given gifts we should push forward and explore what can be done to aid humanity with the use of stem cells. This to, me, seems logical. Some creator gifted person has been able to see that by doing this activity there may be many things in the not so distant future which we can pack up in the dusty rug of history and say, We did it! Eureka! Alzheimers will no longer claim the minds of your loved ones. Those who suffer with Parkinson's Disease may have hope for a normal future.

The argument now is over a group of cells which are not even as big as the period at the end of this sentence.It is in no way a living breathing viable human being, although some would like to think that it is. What could be used for the advancement of medical science would otherwise be thrown out as medical waste.

Now here we are, our one best hope and our own worst enemy.
We have been given the intelligence, by evolving, by "intelligent design", or simply by accident. It may be that the research that comes out of this will produce the next greatest "intelligent designer".

We need to move forward.