Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Neo-cons Attack PBS

Not content to have all the major commercial broadcast networks under their control, the neo-cons have now mounted an all-out offensive against the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). As their poster child for claiming liberal bias in public broadcasting, these despicable people have chosen Bill Moyers and the program he hosted on PBS until this year, NOW. They claim that Moyers was not evenhanded and only went after conservatives. What they really are mad about is Moyers’ absolute dedication to tell the truth and have it supported with solid facts and reporting. Truth: the rabid right cannot tolerate. Truth is the enemy of the lies and distortions that they live by.

Fortunately for the United States they have picked on the wrong man. Bill Moyers recently answered his critics from the right wing media and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) with a speech that he gave at the National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis. As background, Moyers, who was there at the birth of CPB when he was an aide to President Lyndon Johnson, articulated what the function of the CPB was suppose to be. The CPB was established to set broad policy for public broadcasting and to be a fire wall between political influence and program content. Under President Bush, the CPB has become the champion of the neo-cons and it is populated with conservatives and ultra conservatives. The CPB’s chairman is Kenneth Tomlinson a rabid conservative who is out to do W’s bidding despite his protestations to the contrary.

Moyers outlined why it has always been difficult for objective journalists to do good journalism inside the beltway. But, he went on to say it has never been harder than now because this administration has appropriated the Newspeak of George Orwell’s 1984. “They give us, he said, a program vowing no child will be left behind , while cutting funds for educating disadvantaged children; they give us legislation cheerily calling for clear skies and healthy forests that give us neither, while turning over our public lands to the energy industry.” He went on to quote from 1984 that the whole purpose of Newspeak was to provide a climate where there is no thought; where orthodoxy is unconsciousness. This he said is the purpose of the attacks on him to control the media so there is no thought; no competing voice to say this is wrong: the emperor has no clothes.

These attacks are just another attempt by the ultra-right to control all the media and to prevent any criticism of their plans to turn this country into one that is run by the rich and the religious conservatives. Their policies, like the vermin they are, cannot stand the bright light of a free and unfettered media.