Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Reality. Webster's defines it as "the quality or state of being real." One would guess that that would cover a lot of territory. Something real is what I can see, taste, touch, hear, see, and to a greater degree that which I feel is an actual fact.

Now I have discovered that there is a very separate reality which dominates a whole lot of people in this country. They see something, but what they take away from the experience of it is something entirely separate from my view. I am still hoping that my brand of reality is the prevalent one but it does make you wonder these days.

While watching Real Time with Bill Maher the other night, one of the guests mentioned the snake handling that takes place in various areas of the south.
My reality tells me that if you choose to handle a poisonous snake chances are you will be bitten. If you are bitten, unless you receive proper medical attention quickly, the reality is that you might just die. Now some take exception to that reality. They feel that it is all in God's hands. And perhaps they are right. But in my reality, God made the snake, God made the snake poisonous, and nowhere have I read that God has instructed me to handle one and that it is ok to do so.

My President, despite all the evidence to the contrary is trying to tell me that in reality, Social Security is bankrupt, the country is safer now than it was pre 9/11, the economy is humming along, and Iraq is well on the road to democracy. Makes one think that the true reality here is a parallel universe.

Now down in Washington, DC, (which is as far from reality as one could get), we have a Republican controlled Congress. Yessiree Bob, that is a fact. And we have some real wing nuts walking the halls of Congress these days. We have one whose mind is still back in his home state, one that thinks his state will be taken over by lesbians if quick action is not taken, one who is such a good diagnostician that he does not even have to meet a patient, only view a video tape, several who assert that the United States is a Christian Nation and many others who seemingly talk directly with God.

Reality. This country is in such a mess we will be lucky to come out of this in any semblance of how we went in, in 2000. Dismantling programs is not realistic.

Reality. Homosexuality exists. It is not a choice. And if a same sex couple chose to share their lives together, your child will not be scarred for life if he or she discovers this fact. To think these people have an interest in corrupting you or your child is not realistic.

Reality. The United States is not a Christian nation. Our founding fathers went to great pains to see to it that no one religion took precedence over another. If you wish to give the Ten Commandments space in a building, a park or a court house then you had better make room for the Q'ran and Talmud as well. To claim that God is only on OUR side is unrealistic.

Reality. My country has been hijacked by a group of whining, sneering, arrogant, fear mongering theocrats and I am mad as hell. Not to be mad as hell would be unrealistic.

Reality. Global warming is a fact and climate changes are taking place. To not be able to see this is unrealistic.

Reality. We must elect some sane people back into Congress. This is our country's one chance at survival for the next 4 years until we can elect a President who has a rational mind and sees all Americans as a trust to be held and not a group to be bled dry to satisfy his "base". To not do this, and to think that things will all work out just fine is unrealistic.

So do some real things. Find out who is running in your area. Volunteer to work for them. Be realistic and know that things will not work out if you do not do your part in taking your country back from these madmen.

Or, you could sit around and hope Tom will call you for a round of golf in Hawaii.