Thursday, May 05, 2005

(station break)

We are at a crossroads! The nation is, and so are we at the American Liberalism Project. For us it is definitely a place where the path we take is very much dependent upon you the readers. We have received very little email from you, so we really are not sure whether you find our services valuable, not so valuable, just tolerable for the occasional good hit, or what. All we know about you is from the statistics compiled every day by our web host, basically: how many of you show up on a day, how many pages you read.

You know our mission. It is to provide commentary on and leads to those accounts of events in our times that provide a key to understanding liberalism—the political movement that powered this country into greatness. Colleagues at other websites uniformly say they like the website and think it is worthwhile and valuable. But, we hear nothing from you the people out there, the readers.

It is important to us to have feedback. We don't have to get in to a great long conversation or dialogue. Just send in your comments about what you would like and what you think we can dispense with. If you like a comment in eMedia, please say so through the "welcome comments" link on the home page. If you like a blog, then comment directly to that blog affirmatively, and, if you do not like a blog, comment on it critically. The whole reason we created our blog is so that you readers would have the opportunity to comment easily and anonymously, if you wish, on topics we present. Click on my name at the bottom of this blog to send me mail directly.

We need more readers to justify the effort that is going into this project. We have recently changed our website behind the scenes to make it more attractive to Google and the other web search companies. It is too early to say whether our recent changes are going to do the trick or not. But, the best way for the popularity of a project like this to expand is by "word of mouth." Just think of all the people you send email to. Some of them would like to hear about American Liberalism. Tell them! Send them our URL and stimulate them to read by commenting on something you saw here.

If you are anything like me, your friends are not universally Liberal. In fact, most of my male friends are moderate conservatives, so I am not troubling them with the Project. Conservatives are narrow and they just do not have the capacity to understand things Liberally. Others, though, are middle of the road or liberal-leaning and I have told them about the Project and asked them to give me a critique from time to time. Yes, it is burdensome for them and so I do not get very much. Really all we want is for you who read our eMedia and blogs and reference materials to pass the word and get some friends—just two or three—to start reading regularly. New readership will show up in our statistics.

Finally, we have received (at this writing) no donations to help keep the Project going. Our solicitation has only been going for a week, so this is not surprising. Believe me, though, we need financial support. We are not taking salaries, we just need to pay the bills. Donations through PayPal are easy and secure. You do not have to worry about privacy or security.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning almost a year ago, thanks for your moral support. For those of you who have just discovered the American Liberalism Project, tell a friend, help us get the word out. Help us teach tolerance and political responsibility. Help us make this project even more worthwhile!

This is the first and last of my blogs on this subject. In a about a month we will announce the direction you have asked us to take with either your silence or your comments and donations.


James R. Brett, Ph.D.
Founder and Editor
The American Liberalism Project