Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush MIS-speaks...yet again

News that the President will be appearing on TV sends me scurrying to the TV Guide to find any alternative. Am I like the Ostrich with my head in the sand? You might ask me how I can be informed if I do not take the time to listen to what our fearless (should that be feckless?) leader has to say. Well, I am simply not interested. I have made it a life policy to not tell lies nor listen tothose who do, and so far the President is batting 1000 in the lying department.

For over four and a half years now we have been treated to the daily fear spin from the Capital. It reminds me of the old saying, attributed to our Native American brothers, "white man speak with forked tongue." This man Bush, and his gang of four (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice & Rove) are, in my opinion, consummate liars. Like changing boats in mid stream, do we now expect him to come clean and start taking responsibility for this administrations screw ups?

It is painfully clear that this is a man who does NOT take responsibility for his own actions, and never will. The really sad part of all of this is that there are so many of my fellow countrymen who believe that he is doing a bang up job and should be supported, and thousands who have given their lives, all because of a lie.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, there was not a one among us whose chest did not swell with all our American pride when Bush and his bullhorn assured us that we would not take the WTC attacks lying down. That we would beard the lion in his den and we WOULD win! Too bad that, at the time, we did not realize that, standing amidst the rubble of those two mammoth buildings, Bush had the greatest photo op of his career. Luckily there were many among us who shortly came to realize this, but by then it was way too late. We had started down the Shock & Awe trail.

Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20, and it seems that we are now afflicted with hindsight disease. To realize that you have been duped, and to not have realized it at the time, is pretty unsettling. The question always niggles in our minds, WHY did we not see this? Patriotism my friend, Patriotism! And, to listen to some among us, we have a corner on that market! We even expected other countries to be Patriotic with us! And, initially, some were very willing to take on that mantel. The Paris paper declared, on September 12, "We are all Americans". Then our President spit in their eye.

So now, I am left to wonder where ARE all those people? 56% of us (and growing) who feel he has led us down the garden path. Why are they not in the streets and protesting loudly as did those who opposed the Vietnam War? Where is the anger that once brought down a President and finally led to the end of that war? Are we so intimidated by the threat of this administration's statement that you are "either with us or against us" ? Afraid that Gitmo may be a part of their future?

Well I know you are out there. A quick glance at the polls this morning showed me that Bush's speech last night did not make a heck of a big impression on anyone. Indulge me for a moment with this quick sampling:

How would you rate Bush's speech?

Poor 52%
Excellent 27%
Fair 11%
Good 10%

How concerned are you about the situation in Iraq?
Very 74%
Somewhat 18%
Not at all 7%
Total Votes: 267,079

And in follow up questions...

Are you satisfied with the progress in Iraq?
No 77%
Yes 23%
Total Votes: 127,043

Will the U.S. ultimately defeat the insurgents?
No 65%
Yes 35%
Total Votes: 126,614

Is the war in Iraq worth the human cost?
No 74%
Yes 26%
Total Votes: 127,540

I know, polls are polls, and there is a margin of error, but surely not a large enough margin to skew these numbers that far afield.

I had the opportunity to speak with a young man who is in our military and may or may not be deployed to Iraq. He says he could get a phone call at any time. He is not hesitant to go, even though he feels that we should not be in Iraq. Afghanistan he feels was warranted, but not this war in this place. There is no love lost for his Commander in Chief. So, I asked, why are you willing to put your life on the line? "It is worth it for us to live free", was his response. Not the Iraqi people, mind you, but US.

I am sorry, but as far as I can see, the killing and maiming of our soldiers and the Iraqi civilian population means not one iota of difference to the freedom of the United States. There is no Third Reich army marching across all of Europe. There is no Tojo. There is no "Red Menace". There were no WMD's...except in the hands of the Israelis, who, by the way, are armed to the teeth. John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Gary Cooper and Clark Gable are NOT the guys in charge on the battlefield, although it would appear that this administration expects that we will have a Hollywood ending to this.

I will leave you today with this. Take the time to go back and look at all the statements that this administration has made on the case for going to war in Iraq. All those things which Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld and yes, even Colin Powell, had to say about mushroom clouds and the "45 minute" threat. Then go and read the Downing Street Memo. If you feel it will take too much time to track down all the misstatements which have flown forth from Washington, D.C. in the last four and a half years, then take just a minute to view this.
Then you have my permission to be ill.