Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Impeaach The Duck!

It was well over a year ago when the americanliberalism project mentioned impeachment against the now sitting President George W. Bush. It probably generated a chuckle or two in many quarters, but we were more than serious about it. Now, within the last week, two major newspapers, the darlings who seem to have been supportive of Dubya, no matter what lies he told, or what outrageous acts against our nation he strove to acheive, have written articles which imply that this may be the road that needs to be taken.

Unfortunately, there are more than a few stumbling blocks to this scenario. We have a Republican controlled Congress. The same group that wasted no time whatsoever in skewering President Clinton for a "crime" that it seems more than a few of his critics were guilty of as extra marital affair.

Now I am not a prude, but neither do I think that an affair is acceptable behavior for a married person, yet, this indiscretion of President Clinton's as far as I can see did not have any impact on his leadership of this country, nor on the country itself. Our reaction to his peccadillo made us the laughing stock of the rest of the world. They could not understand our very Victorian attitude towards the whole affair. Personally, I would rather be laughed at than find myself in the situation we are in now where we are considered the bully boy of the world.

Bush was so busy after the last election touting his "political capital" and that he was "going to spend it", totally disregarding the "political capital" he could have gained, directly following September 11th, which was far superior. He has slowly been leading our wonderful country down a very long, dark road and it seems that few, especially, the national media which has held his hand all this way, realize how disastrous this course can be...already has been.

In the past, in every war we ever sent American boys to fight and die in, we had a clear enemy. No more so than in WWII. In several of those wars, the enemy was definitely us. Fathers & sons, brothers, not to mention our Mother Country, in the war of the Revolution. Again i the Civil War, families were divided, brother fought brother, father fought son. WWI saw us in an advisory position, which led eventually to troop commitment. First we had to raise an army to accommodate that committment, and we did. We were asked to help.

Out of this, The Great War, we had our first attempt at a world body The League of Nations. President Wilson, in some sort of futuristic vision, , saw how the world was shrinking and a need for a world body where animosities might be talked over and assuaged before bullets flew. Sadly, the United States never joined the League.

In WWII we had a definite, enemy after the Japanese attacked our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. In the speech Franklin Roosevelt gave to Congress, asking them to declare war,one phrase still echoes after almost 70 years..."We have nothing to fear, but, fear itself." Words which are monumentally true, and which each and every American took to heart as we geared up to help defeat the most monstrous of tyrants. Even after the war, our sense of justice and the rule of law prevailed in the Nuremburg Trials, as we showed the world that none should escape for their crimes.

Now, it seems, I live in a country where we are being told that our every waking moment should be fearful. Terrorism abounds, but the powers that be refuse to see the role they have played in the escalation of that terrorism. We have Homeland Security alerts (strangely lacking since just before the last election), our young people put in harm's way in a war based on lies and, worst of all, we are to put our trust in a President who is getting direction directly from hear him tell it anyway.

When are the American people going to wake up? When is this man going to be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors" I am sick and tired of having Republican friends say that this is a witch hunt that if we would stop trying to crucify this President and see what a wonderful man he is things would be better. I say, balderdash! (or whatever word you would like to insert)

He can blame Congress all he wants, but the fact remains that he is a lame duck. Not unusual in aPresident's second term, but given, despite his impeachment and troubles just prior to leaving office Clinton left office with the highest approval rating of any President. Time and again with this President we have seen polls which tell us that the majority of Americans feel he is not good for the country and he has us on the wrong track. But, we are being held hostage by a one-sided Congress who feels it is more important to jump in to save a brain damaged woman than to worry about the runaway train the country is on. But, then again, they are this train's engineer!

If it walks like a duck and quack's like a duck it must be a duck!
Impeach the duck!