Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Leading Articles for the Week

David is on vacation until mid-July. While he is absent we will fill in with our "Favorite Five" news/opinion pieces from the past week.

  • Separating School and State by Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe.

  • Selling Washington by Elizabeth Drew in The New York Review of Books.

  • Patriot Act, Part II: The political tug of war intensifies by Linda Feldmann in the Christian Science Monitor, and readers' poll.

  • Human Toll of a Pension Default by Dale Russakoff in The Washington Post.

  • A Day in Mississippi by Heather Gray in AlterNet.

    And just one more late-breaking bit of news:

  • [Wisconsin] State Dems: Impeach Bush ... Cheney, Rumsfeld too reported by David Callender in the Madison (WI)Capital Times. Hurray! We have been waiting for a development like this for over two years!

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