Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Doonesbury is Right

This Sunday Gary Trudeau drew a Doonesbury comic script that was right on target. It was Mikes Summer Daydream about a George Bush who leveled with the country, admitted he made mistakes and actually told the truth about the Iraq invasion. In this dream Bush apologized to the Country for the war, the loss of life on both sides and admitted he was wrong about WMD in Iraq Of course this was entirely fiction since we know Bush never admits making mistakes and has a long history of denying the truth and twisting the facts to fit his current vision of the truth.

When he was a graduate student at the Harvard Business School, (wonder how he was admitted with his gentleman C undergraduate average? don’t’ suppose daddy had anything to do with it?) one of his professors reported in a blog last year that Bush was one of his worst students. He said that Bush had the very annoying habit of saying very outrageous things in class and when these statements would later prove to be false, he would deny ever having said them. If you will recall Bush did the same thing during one of the debates with Kerry. Kerry accused Bush of saying he didn’t worry about Bin Laden and that he didn’t know where he was nor did he care that much about finding him.. Bush denied ever having said it, but later one of the news networks ran a tape of an interview with Bush where he said precisely that.

Unfortunately, Mike’s dream is our nightmare. Because of what Bush has done, we live in world that is less safe, where we are breeding more and more terrorists who hate America for what it has done. One only has to look at the terror attacks in Britain, Spain and Egypt to realize that we are less safe than we were before the Iraq invasion. We see our civil liberties eroding because of the fear of terror and we see a United States that is feared and hated by most of the world.