Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Karl Rove

Our capital city is swirling with rumors and suppositions that Presidential Assistant Karl Rove is, at last, going to get his well-deserved come-uppance. Karl, you know, is now a Senior Presidential Assistant for Politics, although that has been his de facto role since George's days in Texas. Yes, he was "Presidential Assistant" even then, planning and concocting the way to power for George and himself, so that he could screw everyone who screwed him along the way. Karl has grudges that go back to kindergarten; he is probably still out several years worth of lunch money. But KR is no small player in D.C.; George refers to KR as the architect of the administration. For you Watergate historians, KR makes Bob Haldeman (Nixon's Chief of Staff) look like a flat-topped Holden Caulfield and John Ehrlichman (the closest analogue to KR) the corner meatmarket entrepreneur.

Karl Rove, according to serious reporters, is the probably the most ruthless character in American politics today, and that includes Cheney and Rumsfeld. To be fair, he is, though, a product of the mainstream American experience. No one at any age likes a physical weenie, and Karl Rove is the paradigmatic, pudgy, pink weenie. He is bright and ambitious and because of his weeniehood he is, of course, full of revenge, so make no mistake about Karl Rove. When he has the short, shiny round stick, he will use it on you in a way that you will not forget ... He never forgot when it was used on him!

In the past week Karl Rove has come under very close scrutiny for his possible role in the Valerie Plame Affair, that is, the outing of a CIA undercover operative. He outed her to get back at her husband who, without thinking very politically, reported that one of the pretexts for George Bush's (and Karl Rove's, and Dick Cheney's and Donald Rumsfeld's) war in Iraq was completely bogus and without a shred of tangible evidence to support it. This caused all kinds of extra work to convince the Congress and the Commons and Lords that Saddam had WMD.

Josh White reports on this in the Monday Washington Post, and David Corn considers the options in The Nation.

If you have read much on this you will know that most Washington pundits ... not lawyers, mind you ... have said there are several things Rove must have done simultaneously to be guilty of outing a secret agent of the United States. One of these is having knowledge that she was "under cover." The under cover part is ridiculous, since there is no way to prove that a person did not know something, and regardless, the presumption for security clearance holders is that as a CIA operative she is under cover, not that she's not. One of the lawyers in Rove's employ (and some of the pundits) believe that outing requires exact naming. That is, he believes that unless Karl uttered the word "Valerie" and then the word "Plame" (or "Mrs." then "Wilson") he is innocent of outing her and innocent of putting her life and the life of others with whom she was in contact in jeopardy.

My daughter and I used to play a game when she was four that was a junior version of twenty questions. When after a few questions she was unable to identify the little shepardess who lost her sheep, I would prompt her to think: "... now, Punkin, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peep?" "BO PEEP!" my daughter would exclaim in equally mock enthusiasm.

So, what Rove did was to name a person without actually pronouncing their real name. He said, (paraphrased and cleaned up a bit) "... and she sent her Gottverdammt husband, the Ambassador to that country in Africa that I just mentioned, to find out, and then he didn't have the sense to check with us before opening his big mouth and telling the truth."

Folks, there is only one answer to the relationship Rove set up. The ambassador's wife's maiden name is Valerie Plame. It cannot be Bo Peep, for her husband is a sheep herder not the Ambassador to the named African country. There is only one person who is the wife of that ambassador. How easy is it to find out her name? Check here.

For doing what he did, Rove deserves jail time, prison time. He should be put in a place where pudgy, pink, plutocrat politicians get their just rewards. Editors and reporters all over the planet will be grateful, for it is Karl Rove who stands at the very midst of where the "harass the press," "intimidate the press," and "screw the press" commands are coming from.

Nothing is more important that pinning the tail on this particular elephant. Karl Rove is the antithesis of democracy in action. He is the antithesis of what's left of Republican virtue.

James Richard Brett