Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grief vs Bush

Who cannot help but feel the pain of Cindy Sheehan? To bury one's child is, without doubt, the hardest possible duty for a parent. It is never the normal order of things. But to bury that child whose death was the result of a deliberate lie has got to be painful beyond words. Unfortunately, the ultimate price of any war is the heartbreak and the grief.

It would appear that Cindy, and her supporters, and the ever present media, have dug in for the duration of the Bush vacation, unless, of course, His Eminence deigns to come out of the stronghold to meet with her. How hard can that be? What harm would it cause? If he chooses not to sully his hands on one of the plebeians, then why not send Laura? A mother to mother chat might be in order. Who better to empathize, to lend an understanding ear? But, then again...

I cannot help but look back at previous Presidents, who, when faced with this sort of situation, would have taken the walk (drive?) down to the gate and spoken with this woman. A woman who has made the ultimate sacrifice and given her child in the service of her country. Never mind that it was a hollow sacrifice, making it all the more despicable. Certainly nothing comparable to storming the beaches at Normandy. In another day and age, when it was possible to simply walk directly into the White House and see the President, I am sure Lincoln would have welcomed Cindy Sheehan. I do believe that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter would welcome Cindy into their home in Plains, had the death of her son placed her there.

However, to agree to meet with Cindy would take Bush out of his comfort zone. He is never comfortable unless everything has been pre-arranged, all the players have been screened and no off the cuff questions, which require real answers, are asked. That, of course, would preclude a meeting with Cindy, for her simple question, "Why?", requires an honest answer and Bush cannot be truthful. It would mean that it has all been a horrible mistake. A lie which served to enhance his sticktoitiveness , his loose canon, cowboy macho determination.

Bush is the master dissembler. The classic sociopath. The face of sympathy and yet not an ounce of true feeling . Without index cards, it is as if the marionette's strings have been cut and it cannot perform anymore. This is a man who signed a death warrant and then made a parody of the person whose death he had ordered. A man who will fly to Washington from the same TX. ranch in order to sign a paper seeking to block the removal of the feeding tube of a brain dead woman. Daily deaths seem not to have any effect, and to recognize them and to actually meet with someone who has given their child in this conflict, he feels would be pandering, but the pandering would be without purpose. (No vote getter there!)

Why would over a thousand deaths be of concern? He thinks it is his due. After all, he is Commander in Chief, supreme head honcho (Karl Rove has told him so) and therefore he answers to no one, least of all, We The People! Your son, or my daughter, and certainly Cindy Sheehan's son are, and were, nothing but blips on the video screen of his War Game. It IS a game to him. He is the ultimate star in the ultimate production of Wild Bush Rides Again, with well known character actors (Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice) and a cast of thousands (troops) in supporting roles as Patriots!

Patriotism, (nationalism, if you will) is a strong emotion. It was a sense of patriotism that brought us together after Pearl Harbor, after 9/11 and it was patriotism which helped us buy into the lies which Bush and his gang of 4 told us about Saddam Hussein, and his ability to "nuke" us at any moment. Patriotism which inspired these young men and women to serve their country. which has ultimately, cost Cindy Sheehan the life of her son, as well as the sons and daughters of 1, 845 other mothers and fathers.

How many more Cindy Sheehan's will it take before Bush comes out of his Crawford hidey-hole, gets down on his knees and begs Cindy Sheehan's forgiveness? Ahhh, in a perfect world that would be the perfect end to Cindy's vigil, but I am not holding my breath. Bush is a child of privilege who was, and still is, protected from the nasty realities of life. One who has never had to admit that he is wrong, or that he owes anyone anything, least of all, an apology.

Cindy, I wish you luck. Perhaps you will ultimately get that which you seek. But, in the mean time, I have three words for you, albeit borrowed from the man you are seeking to speak with...

Stay the course!