Thursday, August 25, 2005

Irreverend Robertson

The Reverend Pat Robertson fancies himself to be a Christian theologian, a man of peace, a spiritual leader to thousands (perhaps hundreds) of dimwitted but trusting Americans. When, two days ago, he called for the assassination of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, he ceased to be a man of God and revealed himself to be what many of us have suspected for years, a rank hypocrite, an intemperate and sanctimonious ass!

Yes, Robertson apologized on Wednesday for his remarks. It took him a day to figure it all out, and obviously not by himself, certainly with help from his lawyers. What Robertson said was inexcusable. He said it. It would be interesting to know if someone in Washington put him up to it, but he said it. He sullied an entire nation, insulted another, played into the hands of forces that he barely understands, and, you know, he defrocked himself!

It matters very little that Robertson was urging our federal government to assassinate Chavez. Anyone who reads the paper knows this is illegal. Who does this arrogant, self-important, unctuous, freebooting televangelistic popinjay think he is, anyway? Murder and incitement to murder is illegal and morally reprehensible; it is among the few things that peoples of all races, creeds, and conditions agree upon. And yet, Pat Robertson, a so-called Christian, harangues the public with his mindless nonsense and commits a sacrilege, a felony, and an embarrassment to the very country that harbors his sorry, festering soul.

This story, the Robertson Assassination Doctrine, must be kept in the forefront of the news for every right-thinking human in America and the world. We have had enough of these zealots, these televangelist demagogues, these moral morons, these self-righteous mouthpieces of sullen irrationality, of senseless emotionalism, of bush league, sociopathic, psychotic, cretinous Christian hatred and evil. If charges are brought by outraged Venezuelans, our federal government must cooperate fully with the Venezuelan authorities to extradite Robertson and banish his diseased mind and spirit from our society.

James Richard Brett