Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Unintelligent

Not content with trying to turn back the clock to the 1920’s socially and economically, the Bushwhacker wants to revisit the golden days (for no-nothings and religious nuts) of the Scopes Monkey Trial era. His recent pronouncement that schools should teach intelligent design fits right in with his total disdain for science which has permeated this administration. Any scientific study which does not agree with the political, social, or economic beliefs of Bush, his conservative Christian supporters, or his big business supporters is either ignored or the data and conclusions are re-written to correspond to their ideas of the truth.

In case you have been on a desert island for the past several years, I will give you a quick explanation of so-called intelligent design. The proponents of this idea, I will not dignify it by calling it a theory, are all former supporters of creationism who having given up on getting this taught in the schools because creationism is clearly religiously based, have decided to call it intelligent design in the hopes we are too stupid to recognize the semantic game being played. The creationist argument goes something like this: Life as we know it is too complex to have developed through evolution and therefore a higher power must have designed it, the higher power being God. This is virtually the only proof supporters of this idea offer and it is rejected by virtually every scientist, and especially biologists, of note.

Intelligent design supporters also point out that evolution is as they put it “just a theory” not understanding or ignoring that in science most of what is uncovered by the scientific method, which demands verification through experimental evidence and testing, is called theory not fact. Thus we have for example the theory of relativity which remains a theory even though it has been tested experimentally. Few ideas in science are called laws because the possibility exists that additional experiments may reveal flaws in the theory. Note that ideas in science must be capable of being tested through an objective experimental process; intelligent design supporters have offered no experimental data in support of their idea or even offered a way to test it.

The best proof that intelligent design does NOT exist may be the President himself.