Monday, August 22, 2005

War Is Profane

In the Big picture, our time, our prosperity, our lives and our potential are too precious to be wasted by War. War is man's failure to meet the differences and challenges of the world with intelligence and life enhancing decisions of which he is capable. War is a falling back into brutish ways using force, fear and intimidation to impose one's will. It is antithetical to responsible and enlightened behavior.

Examine the wars and conflicts of our history. They always come down to someone trying to steal from someone else or seeking to impose one's will on another. At a time when man has the technology, the skills and the wealth to enhance and improve life, these gifts have been used by unscrupulous persons to destroy human life and the planet that give us the means to survive.

War is profane because it destroys life. Peace is sacred because it preserves life. War wastes money, life and time in destructive endeavors.
Peace allows the use of money, life and time for enhancement of life. The face of war is Death. The face of Peace is Life.

War appeals to those who seek power and wealth. If they have the bigger weapons to impose their will they will take what they want without care for the fairness of their actions or concern about the damage and suffering they will cause.

Our nation has found itself under the control of people who are using our wealth and resources to wage war for the benefit of a few businessmen and their cronies in government. Under their control America has become a bully, an invader, the occupier, the oppressor.
This is not with the consent of the people; our opinions are not wanted. In fact, anyone attempting to stop the War Bully Government is labeled un-patriotic or anti-American. I have no doubt that given a vote whether or not to invade and bomb another country, most citizens would vote 'no'.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that the reasons given for bombing and invading Iraq were unjustified. I would suggest that for our leadership to use the military might of our nation in illegal attacks on other countries to promote profits and increased resources for private investors, companies and persons, is an act of treason. We pay for that military action with our taxes and with the lives of our citizen soldiers who do the fighting. It is obscene for leadership to use the lives of our soldiers in these money-making ventures.

Our soldiers, who are the children we raised to be honest, caring and who we taught to do no harm to others, are now the killing people just like themselves, harming people just like themselves, and hardening their hearts, and shutting down their minds so they can do the job they have been assigned. In turn, they are in serious jeopardy of being harmed or killed. They are returned to us with shattered minds and bodies or dead in a box, their unique precious life cut short in mid bloom. Our government cares so little for the lives of our own fighting men and women that they have exposed them to the poison of depleted uranium weapons. The dust from DU is so small that it can enter the body through the skin and cause damage to body organs, an increased risk of cancer and deformities in babies born to the contaminated soldiers. That is how the government 'supports the troops.'

The mandate of government is to serve and protect the general welfare of the people. Clearly, our general welfare and security and the health of our society are all suffering under this leadership.

Those of you who may believe that we were attacked on 9/11 because 'they hate our freedoms' have been misled. The American military presence in Saudi Arabia and our interference in middle-eastern politics where we support oppressive leadership, were two of the reasons there was a backlash against us. Citizens who don't pay attention to what our government is doing in other countries fail to see the big picture. Our government has used military action against other nations for generations to assist corporate control of foreign resources and suppress political movements rising from the desire of the people to control, and benefit from, their own resources.

The government's case for going to war with Iraq was lie after lie. Their WMD's had all been effectively destroyed before the US invaded.
Saddam did allow the inspectors back in September of 2002. In November of 2002 inspectors had re-entered Iraq and they were doing their job right up until Bush announced his plan to attack Iraq in March of 2003.

The UN did not approve a resolution for military action against Iraq. Under the treaties the US and UK had signed, the removal of Saddam (regime change) was not a legal justification to go to war.

The likely reason for the invasion of Iraq can be found in the 2000 PNAC plans which says "American land power is the essential link in the chain that translates U.S. military supremacy into American geopolitical preeminence. "While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification (for military action and subsequent bases), the need for a substantial American force transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein." (Italics added.)

A U.S. military force in Iraq will be helpful when Iran and/or Syria are targeted next. After the Cold War collapsed with the Berlin wall, the arms and weapons manufacturers and their political cronies, were scrambling to find a new 'enemy' to fight and a new market for their products. It is interesting to note that the Carlyle Company has large investments in arms manufacturers and that G.W. Bush Sr. is involved with that company. Consider that the Defense budget for 2006 is $419 billion, 21% higher than 2001. War generates high profits.

This so called War on Terror is a sham. Studies have shown that Terrorism is fueled by actions of attack, occupation and interference in the homelands of others by our military forces. The use of our military in Arabian homelands is increasing terrorism and increasing the danger for all of us. We owe it to ourselves to examine the motives of leadership who would put us at such risk and remove them for violating the power we have bestowed upon them. Complain to media to do their job to expose questionable activities and send demands to Congress to investigate.

Who is the 'winner' in these wars? The corporations who wanted an oil pipe line in Afghanistan, who are 'reconstructing' Iraq, who have huge contracts to support the military and who provide the weapons and machinery of war are all experiencing huge increases in their profits from these ventures.

War may be Hell on earth to most of us but for a select few it is a huge profit machine. That is not only Profane, it is Evil.