Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Blog

Here at the American Liberalism Project we are assembling a geographically diverse group of essayists to write on subjects of interest to Liberals and about Liberalism. Monday the most recent addition to the staff, Sue Dyer, writes from the heart about issues central to the stance of Liberalism in America. Tuesday is set aside for David Goldberg (currently on medical leave -- guest bloggists welcome) whose CIA experience has been invaluable. Wednesday features Susan Goodwin, our voice of maternal rationality and common sense. Thursday is open for guest bloggists (see submission process, below) until we recruit an appropriate essayist, and Friday is reserved for James Brett, our editor and webmaster, whose interests range from ideology to epistemology with emphasis on education and critical thinking.

We are acutely aware that America is now experiencing wrenching changes that seem to threaten our accustomed way of life. The adamant fixation of millions of Americans on fundamentalist certitudes is ample evidence of the harrowing and, indeed, dizzying pace of change, much of which seems to be negative and destructive of what we hold dear. We hope to provide not certitudes but process, a sense that human reason is, when joined cooperatively with a just a touch of competition, sufficient to carry our species through. Yes, the planet would not survive our sun becoming a nova, but our science tells us this is not likely for a while. The real risks to ourselves and our planet are amenable to rational thought, and we are earnestly trying to contribute to that process.

If you are interested in publishing an essay promoting Liberalism in America or another subject which is of interest to Liberals, particularly young persons who are searching for a comprehensive world view based on knowledge rather than myth, send your essay together with a short bio-sketch to: the Editor. A response will normally be forthcoming in twenty-four hours.

James Richard Brett