Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dream America

America. The land of the free, the home of the brave.

America. A government of the people for the people, by the people.

America, the greatest experiment in self rule the world has ever seen.

America, populated by a mosaic of peoples from every land, every culture and every religion in the world, bringing together the unique experiences and talents of all to create a nation that shines a light of hope for the best of mankind in the world.

America, land of prosperity where no one goes to bed hungry.

America, where justice prevails for all.

America , land of pure water, clean air and organic earth that brings forth healthy food that nourishes us.

America, where our leaders are the brightest and best our society can produce. Where our leaders are honest and have as their first priority the improvement of our society for the betterment of the people.

America, where corruption is exposed by our free press and those who act for self gain are removed from office.

America, where every young mind is encouraged to learn and imagine and create. Where every child born has food, shelter, medical care and protection from harm.

America, where innovative engineering builds our cities, towns, infrastructure to improve and enhance our society, where our public transportation system makes it easy for us to travel this land and to have a healthy commerce.

America where our fair taxes are used to benefit and improve our society.

America, where national health is a higher priority than producing weapons of mass destruction.

America where our best national defense comes from a humane, ethical and fair foreign policy and qualified negotiators who use conflict resolution to resolve differences with others.

America, who sends ambassadors abroad who are trained in the language, culture and economy of the host country to insure the best relationship with them.

America, which abides by the spirit of the Geneva Convention, the Declaration of Human Rights and acts to create a nuclear free world and environmental health.

America, where the companies we work for and buy from have signed on to a code of ethics to keep the environment clean, treat workers fairly and produce products and services of quality and safety. Where companies can be proud of the profits they make while behaving ethically.

America, the noble experiment that has as it's core the improvement of society through a system that allows the potential of every citizen to be realized.

Dream America and wake from the nightmare.

Sue Dyer