Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An Open Letter to George W. Bush

I swear by all that's holy, George W. Bush, you feckless shard of tin-plate gavno, you are going to pay dearly for this tragedy, for this human disaster, for this glaring, planetary embarrassment to our country. From this moment on, your name will echo down through the ages with the likes of Nero, Louis XVI, and Hoover. Your smirking face will be the icon for the ages of smug stupidity, for rotten-spoiled selfish ignorance. You have passed the tipping point, boy, and we are going to bury you up to your pseudo-cowboy red neck in the corpses of New Orleans. We know, and now the world has seen, Republican "compassionate conservatism," Republican damage control. Save the rich; screw the poor, let them die, they vote Democratic, anyway! Eh, George!

Will 25,000 dead make an impression on your shallow soul, George?

We are going to take the Congress in 2006 and the first order of business is to impeach your sorry ass. We are going to convict you of violating your oath, endangering the public welfare by lying us into war—a futile war, for squandering our precious resources on your corporate buddies, for ignoring the People of this country. We are going to impeach your good buddy Dick Cheney, too. He is going up on charges of profiteering and graft.

While you are waiting for the gallows, George, we suggest you try sacrificing some of that mob of incompetents and thieves you have surrounded yourself with. Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff

could not find an adequate model for addressing the catastrophe.
Off with his stupid head! The man is obviously out of his league, incompetent beyond belief! FEMA Director Brown could not run a equine fashion show, yet you appointed him to head up emergency services?! The Boy Scouts would have had an evacuation plan; the Girl Scouts would have had food and medical supplies at the ready out of harm's way. Anyway, you should have been there, George, not on vacation, not insulating yourself from the disaster, cracking jokes, kissing Trent Lott's ring.

How dare you, George, blame local officials for your administration's incompetence! How dare Karl Rove try to make political hay on this horrible tragedy! Indeed, it looks like Rove deliberately held up the federal response because New Orleans is overwhelmingly Democratic. (You will notice that NYC did not get its fair share after 9/11 for the same reason.) We know that racism has been the stock in trade of modern Republicanism, but this preying on the disaster-weary is inhuman and the vilest sort of politics.

George, did you dudes not notice that Katrina slammed four states! Is this what you neocons mean by neo-federalism--every state for itself?

And George, did you ignore the scientists again when they told you we are on a new high-incidence hurricane cycle? Did you think it was a trap to get you to say "global warming" in public? Do you really understand anything competent people tell you, or is does it all filter out in your depraved, spoiled madness?

You have deliberately done all you can to ruin our country, George, and we are sick to death of you! You are beyond a shadow of a doubt the worst President and the sorriest leader this country ever knew and you deserve the very worst the earth has to offer. We abhor you and your miserable politics, your puppet-master Karl Rove, and your party faithful, Hastert, DeLay, Santorum, Frist, all of them.

Crawford Notch, Special Bloggist