Monday, September 19, 2005

Our Bodies, Our Earth

Red, Blue, black, white, brown, yellow, we all hold in common one thing: The Earth is not only our home, it is the source of our life. Our very bodies are created from the combination of food, water and air in this physical dimension. If any one of these elements are polluted or diminished, our lives are in danger. Therefore, one issue that affects us all is the health of the Earth.

New evidence continues to come from the study of the Arctic that global warming is changing the balance of earth's primary systems. It is not some far away situation that we can ignore! Life on earth as we know it now is in jeopardy. Flora and fauna closest to the Arctic are showing the detrimental effects of the changes right now, spreading more quickly than we thought. The seas are warming, currents are changing affecting weather patterns. Scientists warn that this will result in more severe storms, drought in some locations and diminished food chains in the deep oceans. Some scientists actually fear that we have gone beyond the "tipping point" to alter this catastrophic change.

The earth is a net of life. We are to the earth as the cells of our bodies are to us. The whole system is impacted by imbalance in any part. If you had gangrene in your foot, would you choose to ignore it because it is so far away from your head? No, because you know that eventually that condition would spread to all your body and finally kill it.

My point here is that though we have many secondary issues that we may disagree on and need to find consensus on, this is an issue that demands all of our co-operation and united efforts now!

We need to create a realistic plan to do our best to change the things we are doing that are contributing to Earth's unhealthy condition.

Right now many laws put in place to provide environmental protection of our air, water and earth, are being repealed or ignored in favor of business. They don't wish to pay for the systems to treat the pollution they create. They are choosing profit over life. I wonder what planet they plan to live on when they have destroyed this one?

War is not only a destroyer of humans with bombs and weapons, it also poisons the earth with radioactive materials, ruins water systems and kills agriculture. It uses vast amounts of oil which add to the fouling of the air. War is a primitive and brute reaction to problems and we need to evolve past using it.

As individuals we can all take part to make a difference. We can car pool or use public transportation to cut down on our use of fossil fuels. We can demand cars that are gas efficient and use hybrid fuels. Vehicles like the Hummer which get 8 miles to the gallon, should be shunned and certainly tax credits for buying one should be removed. Companies that pollute could be boycotted and we should insist that they be made to correct their activities.

Some of the worst pollutants affecting earth and water are farmers and homeowners who use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As homeowners, we can use natural products to improve our lawns and gardens and as consumers we can insist on food grown with natural organic methods. If each family did their best to conserve and treat the earth with care, it would make a huge difference.

Lawmakers who support programs and laws counter to our well being should be removed from office.

Look out upon the vast sky at night. Realize that in this huge system we are just a tiny planet flying through space with only each other to keep us company and only the Earth as our source of life. Consider the magnificence of life on this planet, it's diversity, its beauty, it's perfection down to the smallest part. We are only here for a short time. In the Big Picture, this is not ours to "dominate" or "own" but to treat with respect and conserve for the coming generations. Earth is a garden, it offers without payment its bounty to us all to sustain life. We need to return this gift with care.

Sue Dyer