Thursday, October 06, 2005

An Open Essay

Last week The New York Times began hiding their liberal columnists under the cover of a new commercial venture they call "Times Select." Horsefeathers! What makes these voices any more important or expensive to publish than the voices of reporters and editors throughout the paper? Nothing, obviously. It is simply a misguided way of gauging liberal sentiment through a "market mechanism." Will we, the hungering public, put in our nickel for a talking head?

Editors and Publisher of the Times, the best time to correct a mistake is before it causes any serious damage. The damage is to yourselves, of course. I can assure you that the liberal world and its critics will live quite well without the voices that have been allowed to write from your hallowed pages and websites over the past few years.

The fact is, there is so much to read these days, every day, week after week, that only a Herculean effort makes a dent in it all. To sequester your stable of liberal pundits only removes them from our daily struggle to review the news and opinion. The result is that most of us will scan the NYT for news and skip faster through your Ed and OpEd pages. You lose influence. Figure it out! Duh!

What was that? Of course you need to make a profit, and yes, I am too cheap to subscribe to something that has been free for a decade! Wake up, Times! You don't get to be (or remain) the newspaper of record by being continuously stupid.

Post Script:

Oh, and to clear up the current pronunciation issue emanating from the White House, the correct pronunciation of Harriet Miers is: HAA-ree-et CROW-knee.

James Richard Brett