Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Our Short List

Things To Investigate: Short List

  1. George H.W. Bush's involvement in Iran Contra. His role in the October Surprise.

  2. George W. Bush's insider selling of Harken Energy stock after he had been sent a memo that the company was in trouble. He did not report the sale for 8 months.

  3. The 2000 election including the activities of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris and the interference of the Supreme Court which overrode states rights and the Constitution.

  4. George W. Bush's illegal diversion of 700 million dollars allocated by Congress to be used in Afghanistan, to build up military for Iraq.

  5. Bush administration's use of intelligence to start war in Iraq. Let us compare original intelligence with their use. Examine the evidence of Downing Street memo.

  6. Connections of corporate campaign funding and the disemboweling of our environmental laws and favorable rates to corporations for the use of federally held land, minerals and timber and water resources.

  7. The corruption of the FDA to allow unsafe or questionable products to be marketed.

  8. The illegal innoculations of our military with untested drugs.

  9. The illegal use of depleted uranium, cluster bombs and napalm in the War on Terror.

  10. The violation of our treaties in invading Iraq and the war crimes of torture, destruction of water, medical energy and media resources in that country. The illegal altering of Iraq's laws and constitution and the takeover of Iraq's agriculture, banks, and energy resources.

  11. A criminal investigation of 9/11 done by a panel of experts outside of any political influence.

  12. An investigation of who in government has financially benefited from war and the above violations of the law.

  13. Fraud in the 2004 elections.

Sue Dyer and Jim Brett