Monday, November 21, 2005

The Alito Nomination

Bush’s nomination of Judge Alito to fill Sandra Day O’Conner’s position on the Supreme Court seems to have gone under the radar as far as the news media is concerned. Intellectually Alito is certainly qualified but philosophically he is not.
Let us look at his record as both a litigator and as a judge:

Alito stated in an application for Asst. Deputy Attorney General that he did not believe women had a constitutional right to reproductive choice.
As the lone dissenter (disagreeing even with Michael Chertoff, now head of Bush's Homeland Security Department), he would have upheld the strip search of a 10-year-old girl without a valid warrant.
Again in dissent, Alito would have upheld a PA law requiring women, in many cases, to notify their husbands before obtaining abortions.
In dissent again, Alito said that a congressional law restricting the transfer and possession of machine guns was unconstitutional.
While working under Attorney General Edwin Meese, Alito urged President Reagan to veto a bill to protect consumers from used car dealers who roll back odometers -- he said it wasn't the federal government's job to protect citizens' health, safety and welfare!

This nomination is a threat to our rights and freedoms. Alito does not believe in the right of a woman to reproductive choice, he does not believe in individual rights or at least he believes the government’s interests trump those of the individual. He is all the more dangerous because he is very smart and knows how to say the correct thing at the right time to sooth those senators who would normally oppose his nomination.

His vote will probably be the tie breaker in many of the Supreme Court’s most controversial decisions. Decisions which will affect this country for many years to come. Now is time for all liberals to write, fax or call their senator to tell them that they oppose Judge Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court.