Thursday, November 10, 2005


Dick Cheney is the most serious contender for heel of the epoch that we can think of. A series of articles about him, occasioned no doubt by the indictment of his henchperson Irvin Lewis "Scooter" Libby, brings into new focus the really dreadful person that Dick is. Imagine being the highest ranking person in the whole world in favor of torture as an instrument of national policy!

In many respects Cheney is really the de facto President; his office runs national security. It's not just a backroom cabal, but a frontroom coup d'etat.

The indictment of Libby and therefore the attention to Dick is news everywhere and Asia's leading newsmedia thinks that he may be an expendable albatross around Bush's neck.

The best of these articles, though, is this one from James Carroll in CommonDreams deconstructing Cheney.

We're adding this piece by Mark Morford of SFGate because it is a funny essay on how we all deal eventually with the battering of news about these sociopaths in Washington.