Monday, November 28, 2005

Fool Me Twice Shame on Me

In a recent Time Magazine column, Joe Klein argued that we should not withdrawal troops from Iraq and we should not waste our time talking about how we got into the mess in Iraq. He is wrong on both counts.

This is the second time we have been deceived into a major war. The first time was the Vietnam War. Remember the excuse to expand that war was the so called Gulf of Tonkin incident which we later learned never happened. Now we find out that the intelligence on Iraq was doctored to support the reasons for going to war. We have learned that the Iraq WMD program was effectively dismantled by the UN and that no connection existed between the 9-11 terrorists and Iraq.

So it is vital that we get to the bottom of how this could happen again. That our leaders have lied to us to justify the US getting into a war for their own spurious reasons and for which we have no real exit strategy. We vowed after the Vietnam War that we would never let this happen again, but we to easily forget the lessons of the past.

Secondly, Klein in his article posses two questions: Will an American withdrawal from Iraq create more or less stability in the Middle East? Will a withdrawal increase or decrease the threat of another terrorist attack at home? NO and no; Iraq never a terrorist threat to the United States. Almost all the 9-11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia none were from Iraq. The Middle East is a lot less stable since we decided to invade Iraq. Iraq has become ground zero for every terrorist group in the Middle East since we invaded and will continue to be so until we pull out. Moreover, every poll taken in Iraq shows that the citizens of Iraq want us out.

We must get out now and we must make our leaders accountable for their actions which got us into this mess.