Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Holidays Mr. Falwell!!

Ok. That's it! I have officially had it!

Thanksgiving is not even a recent memory and already the fanatics among us have started on their Christmas Rampage. Just this week, that very model of Christian paranoia, Jerry Falwell, is threatening to SUE anyone who attacks Christmas! Say what? I knew Jerry, and his group of humbugs, had a tenuous hold on reality but they have raised stupidity to an art form. And, borrowing a page from our exalted Chief Executive's playbook, he has exhorted those, who subscribe to his hate filled brand of Christianity, to sign up on his "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign"

Ridiculous as law suits over a holiday greeting may sound, these people actually are represented by legal counsel! Liberty Counsel a conservative legal organization, stands at the ready to slap your rear end with a lawsuit should they find your reference to the holiday season anything other than Merry Christmas! Should you perhaps choose to use the Happy Holidays slogan within your place of business, you might be slapped with, what I would term, a ridiculous lawsuit, or a boycott at the very least. Even some schools have their own brand of "Christmas Police" in the form of the 8,000 member strong Christian Educator's Association. I am not quite clear as to what might happen should a child be caught humming the Dreidel song and not O, Holy Night in the corridors of his school. I am assuming that these teachers are on the look out for school extravaganzas which encompass all faiths and not just Christianity and the singing of Christmas related songs. I am now wondering if schools themselves will be sued if they choose to have "Holiday Breaks" instead of "Christmas Vacations".

And what will become of the Christmas Tree? One Christmas tree farmer has allowed as how he does not much care what they refer to them as, as long as they keep buying them. Yet another, refuses to deal with those who do not actually call them Christmas trees! This has elevated the argument to the height of ridiculousness. What else would you call the thing if NOT a Christmas Tree? That would be like calling a Menorah a candlestick wouldn't it? Let's be serious folks. There are certain things which are justifiably a part of each faith's traditions at this holiday season. With so many blended families of different faiths, we find many celebrating more than one holiday. In many homes the Menorah has pride of place in the dining room and the Christmas tree reigns in the living room. Obviously these diverse groups have found a way of coping with the holidays.

Now Jerry Falwell has called for all his followers to resist "...bullying tactics of the ACLU", and other secular organizations, "...which spread misinformation about Christmas." Most of these secular organizations have made it clear that there is no war against Christmas. and the controversy swirling around it is nothing more than the Fundamentalist's efforts to fan the fires of hate and discontent against any who do not hold their world view that the United States is a "Christian" nation. What are they so afraid of? I am thrilled that my children learned, and my grandchildren are learning, about other faiths and the holidays that they celebrate. It has helped to make them tolerant and accepting human beings. The only note of discontent that I ever heard from them was the fact that their Jewish friends had EIGHT days of presents!! Talk about unfair!

When, oh when, did my country get hi-jacked by these loonies out on a day pass from the funny farm and certainly off their meds? No one is proposing that Christmas or the celebration of same, be relegated to the dust heap, they are, however, saying that there are others in this country who celebrate the Holiday Season in a different manner and why should they not be given equal time?

In a season which is noted, in the Christian community, for celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace, there is a group that would make it devisive and unpleasant. They are full of sound and fury, which truly signifies nothing. If members of their Christian organizations find it difficult to shop in stores which say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas then they need to grow up and get over it. Or do not shop. You, indeed we ALL, have choices.

We are now entering into that time of year where the message of the Christian faith, has always been, Peace on Earth and to men of Good Will. I think Mr. Falwell and his ilk had better go back to their Bibles and re-read that message once again. No one is trying to steal your holiday!

Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Kala Christougena, Mele Kalikimaka, Eid Said, Nodlag Sona Duit, Froeliche Weilnachten, Kinge Shinnen, Tin Hao Nian, Vesela, Frolijke Kerstmis, Merry Christmas and

Susan B. Goodwin