Sunday, November 13, 2005

Impeachment Soon!

The talk of impeachment is mounting on the internet, flooding some websites, inundating those used to the vapid broadcasts of the corporate media and their paper allies.

Here's an article from Santa Cruz probably more valuable for the website running it than for the lead article's ostensible content, but interesting nevertheless.

Morale among democrats has been guttering because of Kerry's and Biden's and Hillary's inability to divorce themselves from the Iraq War, trembling in their boots over the issue of "soft on ..." perpetrated by the opposition's mouthpieces. Just in case you think otherwise, the Democrats didn't know what George knew. That should be obvious.

In long tradition of Americans getting their act together has been formed.

Pundits are all over this, and strategy is the heady brew being concocted here and there. Impeachment is first, last, and always a political event, as we learn here.

In the midst of this weekend's deluge of impeachment banter and impeachment lore we find this uneasy essay. We think that the time is nearly upon us when oblique language will be the order of the day.

Susan B. Goodwin and James R. Brett