Saturday, December 10, 2005

Our Tapestry of Lies

Playwright Harold Pinter, an Englishman who is receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, has prepared his Nobel lecture and it is about us. To see the lecture, click here and then choose "high bandwidth" or "low bandwidth" according to your personal internet connection situation. The video is about 47 minutes long ... and worth it!

If, instead, you would rather read the lecture, click here. This is the basic lecture, a tour de force of insight into the creative moment as well as the reach and efficacy of the arts balanced and set off against the craft of American politics, the juggernaut of Machiavellian political vanity and willfulness.

If you are very pressed for time and in any case are less interested in the relationship of art to truth than the relationship of truth to politics, then click here. This is the political bits separated out and presented as a different essay, "The Great American Hypnosis."