Monday, January 23, 2006

Alternative TV

I have the good fortune to receive via my cable provider two channels which are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise putrid environment of distorted and mindless news via the major networks and even, sad to say, PBS: Free Speech TV and Link TV. If you are fortunate enough to receive both or even one of these channels you know what I mean; if you don’t, I‘ll try to give you some examples of the type of programming you are missing.

At a take back America conference, Free Speech TV covered a speech given by Bill Moyers in which he outlined in some detail what is so very wrong with this administration, how the media fails to do its job, and the effect on ordinary Americans the administration’s policies have had. It was an amazing speech given by a man who truly embodies the real spirit of America. Did you see any coverage of his speech or even of the Take Back America Conference on your commercial or public channels?

Both Link and Free Speech have Democracy Now that wonderful hour- long news program with Amy Goodman. A typical day on Free Speech TV would include a program on the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil, coverage on the violence against immigrants, imprisonment without trial of Muslims, the US and Canadian involvement in the ouster of Aristide in Haiti.

Neither of these channels have the slick production one would find on commercial or public broadcasting. But, what they lack in style is more than made up in substance. Whether you call your self a progressive or are just a concerned citizen you owe it to yourself to view these channels. If you do you will begin to understand how the bought and paid for commercial media has abrogated their responsibility to provide us with news and in depth analysis; not the fluff and crap that passes for news today. If you currently cannot get these channels then I urge you to petition your cable or satellite provider to get them.

David Goldberg