Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Courage is not Optional

These are perilous times. There seems to be a growing accord on that point alone. The prospect of a man in the Presidency of the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the planet sinking back into alcoholism and drug dependency, as reported by one or two normally reliable newsmen, raises the specter of a national anguish the likes of which has toppled less firmly rooted governments.

Here are two articles you should not miss, even as the footballs crowd common sense from the screens of television sets coast to coast.

  • Jonathan Schell writing in The Nation, and

  • Dr. Gerald S. Rellick in OpEdNews.com.

    As you can see, our duty is clear. Congress really has only one option. Anything—literally anything—short of impeachment (bringing of charges) is tantamount to violation of their oaths of office. Whether they convict in the Senate or not remains to be seen, but clearly partisan politics is also on trial. The Constitution is not a document elected officials can observe one day to get elected and ignore the next to stay in office.


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