Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fear, Loathing and Moral Values in America

It seems that there is a group out there who think that I do not have moral values, am not religious (enough?) and am not fearful enough of my fate, possibly at the hands of terrorists. They are here to tell me, in no uncertain terms, just that. If I do not adhere to their brand of hi-jacked Christianity, support an unjust war (while always supporting our troops) then I am somehow a lesser person, the devil's handmaiden or just plain evil.. I certainly should not ask to speak to God as he will have nothing to do with me. They should know, as apparently, they are on the inside track.They have so far been able to address a whole host of subjects by assuring us that whatever it was that had happened, it was God's Divine Retribution for our sin filled lifestyles, and we should be afraid, very afraid.

When the WTC came down several of them assured us it was the homosexuals which had caused it! Could it possibly be that there were actually men and women, who had chosen an alternative lifestyle, "hiding" in the building under the guise of normal, everyday people with a job? Now if they had just listened to Falwell or Reid or any of the other far-right, snake handling, religiosos out there, who told them to mend their ways, all that dust and concrete mess and body count could have been avoided. So what I have gathered from their statements, the WTC was just a cover up for a total hotbed of iniquity. A regular Sodom and Gomorrah in the middle of Manhattan. And, we should be afraid!

There are those who should have known better than to gamble away the rent money in that sleazy place called New Orleans. Divine retribution for being poor? God sent a whopper of a storm dead at them, which should have been enough to teach them a thing or two about being poor and staying in an area with so much evil! Apparently God had just had it with the 9th ward. Everyone else had the good sense to hop in their SUV's and leave for heaven's sake! If you failed to have purchased a gas guzzling SUV, equipped with OnStar, which would have shown you the quickest route out, well then, shame on you. And if you had had the chutzpah to commandeer a school bus to get the hell out, (like the evil doer who actually did!) well, breaking that not stealing commandment would have left you wide open. I tremble when I think of what his punishment will be for saving lives. When God has planned for you to drown you cannot mess around. Ask Jerry, he'll tell you. God is cleaning house and we had better be afraid!

Those people in Dover, PA. were sure playing fast and loose with the Almighty when they ejected Him from their town. When those level headed people get a bee in their bonnet there is just no stopping them, is there. They had a tough row to hoe there, but Jerry Falwell let them know, in no uncertain terms, what their fate would be. From God's lips to your ear...fear! That's quite a heavy burden to carry, and it must be hard to keep up with the Almighty anyway. So much sin and blasphemy and one does have to keep up with the Prayer Breakfast schedule, Multimedia Sundays and schilling for the Left Behind books. We must be ever conscious of the fear factor statements.

I have a real problem though, with this brand of morality. Everything that I have heard and seen from the right runs totally contra to what I learned about morality. I do not ever recall God calling on us to spread fear and loathing throughout the land. Screaming His name and threatening others in His name is definitely not the message of love that Jesus taught. Spreading a message of fear and loathing throughout the land, singling out one group, or another, as being morally bankrupt, by their definition of the term, is not anything I can relate to as a caring , moral human being.

Now this may come as a great shock to many on the right, but one does not have to be of any particular religious persuasion in order to be a moral person. Or, be a religious person in order to know that spreading a message of fear and hate is, well, not a good moral ethic. How can they continually rant against those of us who have created no climate of fear, and yet seek to justify, by using God, to support the most lying, fear mongering, thieving group to ever occupy the White House? Please explain to me where there is Christian compassion in any area of the current administration, particularly in the view of our President who never loses an opportunity to let us know that he has been "saved". A man, when he sees no other recourse, finds it politically expedient to play the fear and loathing card.

We both, left and right, have agendas. The right, in supporting this President and his cohorts, for the last 5 years, have been dedicated to keeping up an element of fear, which many have bought into. A fear that has some of my countrymen denigrating the existence of other human beings. A fear that reduces rational thinking to blind obedience. A fear that has cost the lives of so many of our young people. A fear which has reduced the lives of women and children to "unfortunate" casualties. A loathing which has taken my country and made it a feared and un-welcoming place. We, on the left, cannot and do not support this cocoon of fear. We are working and will continue to work against this fear and loathing. To try and make those who have been blinded by it to see that there are other ways to deal with the issues. We need not be governed by fear.

It was to escape fear and loathing that brought the Pilgrims to these shores. It was to escape the fear and loathing of the British government that led 56 men to risk everything they had by declaring us free of that government. It was not fear which led them forward, but rather a fierce moral certitude which co-authored, with them, a Declaration of Independence. They knew at what great peril they moved ahead, in their resolve. I think that we are moving ahead in our resolve to take our country back. And, to this end, we should wrap the words of those 56 men around us like a cloak ... "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

In the light of those words, and knowing those men would have faced certain death, for treasonous acts against their government, should things not have gone the way that they did, why on earth should we not do everything in our power to eradicate this climate of fear and loathing in America?

Susan B. Goodwin