Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Liberal Moral Creed

Forever roaming with a hungry heart we stumbled across yet another good liberal website the other day. Drilling into its archives one of us found this remarkable list.

A Liberal Moral Creed

  • I believe people are more important than things
  • I believe all of our children should have access to a high quality education
  • I believe we should respect those who are different than ourselves and treat them with dignity
  • I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law
  • I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected
  • I believe that while war may regrettably be necessary it should only be undertaken after all other solutions have been exhausted
  • I believe encouraging diverse viewpoints makes us stronger
  • I believe society should be responsible for endeavors, that support the common good and are beyond the scope of individuals
  • I believe it is my duty to pay for the costs of services government provides
  • I believe it is wrong to dictate the beliefs of others
  • I believe that none of us should be forced to live in poverty
  • I believe everyone should have enough to eat
  • I believe everyone should have a place to live
  • I believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare
  • I believe all religious traditions deserve respect
  • I believe that those who claim to speak for God have not been listening carefully to the words of God
  • I believe that "moral" positions which promote hate are actually immoral
  • I believe I am responsible for my own behavior and the consequences of that behavior
  • I believe t hat policy decisions should be based on facts and science
  • I believe we should try to eradicate the root causes of crime
  • I believe criminal justice should never be cruel
  • I believe it is wrong to take advantage of others
  • I believe we must resist the temptation of majorities to tyrannize minorities

    By Rodger Raino and published in www.trueblueliberal.com.


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