Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time a boy was born. Descended from Puritan stock, he was the eldest child of a war veteran and his wife, an intelligent woman with a strong religious bent. When the boy was still quite young his father took up a new occupation, the family moved and settled into a new life.

Although a healthy child and quite robust he seemed not able to adhere to any sort of regimen as regards work, and after entering college and receiving a degree, he set out to make his mark. Several occupations had him for a brief period of time, but none hung on. Finally, he and three friends, pooled their resources and bought a business, an enterprise which finally generated some decent income for him. He developed a relationship with a local woman and they married, however, other liaisons continued.

About this time he caught the eye of a political manipulator and lobbyist. His charisma, and some grooming by the lobbyist, and we was elected to state public office. His blossoming political career might have been over before it started as he was not particularly adept at politics, however, he was seen as a conservative uniter, and that, coupled with some smear tactics by some of his followers, he won election handily.

Strictly innocuous as a legislator, his handler, the ever present manipulator saw potential and scoured the countryside, drumming up support for a candidate he felt would handily win election because of rifts in the opposition, and indeed, within their own party. Although he swept the election with electoral votes, it was not a positive victory but more a negative one, as it was seen as a repudiation of the previous administration.

His cabinet posts were filled with those who had groomed him and were old cronies and the White House resembled a gentlemen's club. The only cabinet post to see any opposition or concern was that of a staunch anti conservationist as Secretary of the Interior. Once at the helm of the Ship of State he preached political, economic and educational equality, called for reformation in government with tax cuts, the end of bonuses and promotion of agricultural interests, and, rates were raised on manufactured goods.

Sadly, due to a lack of oversight, corruption soon became rampant and his popularity started slipping away. The following mid term elections showed how much the public had been paying attention, even if those in power had not. Scandal after scandal now seemed to ooze out of the capital with many going to jail. The master manipulator managed to escape such a fate, but, his portege suffered a thrombosis and died before most of his administration's crimes were brought to light.

This story was about one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of our country. It happened, as is so often the case, to be a Republican one. Any similarities to this past administration and the current one are not intentional but just the facts. The man, moral though he may have been, was in a situation which was above his capacity.

History repeats itself. Rather where we find ourselves today, isn't it?

Susan B. Goodwin