Saturday, January 07, 2006

Psychologically Speaking ...

Two articles from today strike completely different notes. First, the alarming story of "Teen Screen" the pharmaceutical industry's attempt to give itself perpetual customers. A ten minute questionnaire is being pushed that has the potential to label a person for life, based on the American Psychiatric Society's vague knowledge about brain function and personality disorders. This is one of the most dangerous situations in our country today, and you can do something about it locally and nationally!

Second, but not to be dismissed as flippantly humorous, is an examination by a practicing psychologist of the tortured logic undergirding the Bush administration deliberative processes. Clearly Bush and his advisors have pushed reason over the edge and stand nakedly before us as the Machiavelleans they really are. They care not a whit for the Constitution or the American people. They are carrying out a coup d'etat before our very eyes!