Wednesday, January 04, 2006

True Crime Drama

I have to admit that I am a true crime drama fan. I watch "Cold Case Files", "Forensic Science", the new TV show "Bones" which is based on forensic anthropologist Kathy Reich's books. I have devoured all of hers, as well others written about characters who have populated our society at one time or another and have foisted their deviousness upon us unsuspecting "good" people.

The one thing that manages to stand out in all of those, above mentioned, is the something missing in the perpetrator's childhood or some trauma to them that set off their aberrant behaviors, not easily understandable for most of us, but nonetheless a real psychological reason for their behavior. But how would one classify the true crime drama that is just now unfolding with the guilty plea of Jack Abramoff? I think I would have to classify it as just outright "down and dirty" "I am going to get mine" greed.

Greed: an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. It is also known as one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Can anyone still honestly believe that these people are the Christians they scream about being?

Today, if we are to believe the mainstream press, there are many in Congress who are shaking in their boots. Oh yes indeedy folks, those selfsame lawmakers who swore a return to good clean government are being outed and they have done it to themselves. Yes, there are lobbyists all over Washington like a plague of locusts. However, there is a huge difference between many of them and the likes of the Jack Abramoff.

So will we have televised hearings such as we had with Watergate? ... the Vallachi papers? I honestly do not see much difference here between Joe Vallachi, the mafia whistleblower and Mr. Abramoff, except perhaps their diction. One already has, and now one soon will, tell where the bodies are buried. And, as in the case of Mr. Vallachi, I am sure a deal has been cut in order to gain Mr. Abramoff's cooperation. When push comes to shove there really is no honor among thieves.

At this point I am sure Tom DeLay is cursing the day he met Jack Abramoff, the rounds of golf he played in Scotland, the trips to the Marianna Islands all directly linked back to his good "friend." All those who trusted Abramoff to deliver what they sought, and now to hear that he basically loathed them as human beings, only seeing dollar signs as he used them for his own nefarious ends. All of K Street must be twitching like a flea on a wet dog today, but perhaps it is an object lesson to those who still practice sleaze when lobbying for their causes.

Our President, I understand, is supposedly intolerant of sleaze, although that is hard to understand given the number of sleazy characters which seem to surround him. But then, they are loyal, a trait Bush prizes. Who knows which way the loyal sleazes will fall, but it certainly promises to be a very interesting true crime drama.

So far we have seen only the top of the iceberg, but I do believe it might just be the one that sinks the Bush administration. We all live in hope.

Susan B. Goodwin