Monday, January 02, 2006

A Year of Disgrace

I t is easy to forget just how bad this year has been for the rabid right; so here are some lowlights of the year:

January 7 The Administration is caught paying conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to promote its agenda
January 12 The WMD experts hired by the administration quietly conclude Iraq has none.

February 10 The Administration is caught promoting a fake reporter, Jeff Gannon, from a fake news agency to ask fake and softball questions at the White House Press Conferences.

March 21 Bush, in an attempt to pander to his irreligious right base, cuts short his vacation to sign the Schiavo bill.

May 1 The Downing Street Memo is published proving that Bush lied the US into a war. For any other president this would provide more than enough ammunition to begin impeachment proceedings.

August 11 Jack Abramoff GOP super lobbyist indicted for fraud. Hopefully he will bring down a whole raft of corrupt legislators with him. Stayed tuned.

August 28 to September 3 Bush blows the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and even had the stupidity or gall to congratulate FEMA Director Brown on what a great job he is doing.

September 28 Tom Delay indicted on multiple counts. The Hammer is hammered.

October 3 to 25 Bush totally mishandles the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court.

October 26 The US troop death toll in Iraq reaches 2000

October 29 Scooter Libby indicted on five counts in the Plame scandal

November 2 The Washington Post, finally doing its job, reveals the existence of a network of secret overseas prisons where torture is the norm.

November 5 Declassified memo proves that the Administration pushed claims of an Iraqi source known to be a liar to provide more fake information to justify the Iraq invasion. Impeach!

November 17 Congressman Jack Murtha, a decorated Viet Nam vet, calls for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. He is promptly declared a traitor by the rabid right including the VP. Murtha has the last word asking how many deferments Cheney had during the Viet Nam war.

November 19 The New York Times reports that death squads are now operating in Iraq. Not the first time the US has supported death squads.

December 16 Revelations of Bush authorizing illegal wire taps of US citizens by the NSA. Something expressly forbidden by law. Impeach!

David Goldberg