Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Rain

  • If you know a biker, remind him or her that Sturgis, South Dakota is off-limits until the pricks in the S.D. legislature reverse their mysogynist laws on abortion. Your own trip to Mount Rushmore should be postponed until they come to their senses up there.

  • There's no good answer on port management. Dubai could very well provide us with the technological improvements we need for minimal security. It is clear that P&O Lines was either unable or unwilling to spend. One wonders why states and feds do so little for such an important part of our economy.

  • Iraq is officially in a civil war. They know it and they will butcher themselves and us indefinitely.

  • Bill Moyers, who (I have on first hand authority) has completely decided not to run for President, gave another important speech the other day. Here it is in case you missed it: Saving Democracy


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