Monday, February 06, 2006

Stop Complaining and do something

It may seem to any faithful reader that we send much of our time and energy complaining about the abysmal record and the imperial actions of our present government and the President ( not mine, I refuse to give him that sobriquet ). I don't believe for a minute that is all we do. I know for a fact that all of our writers are active in trying to change the system through the democratic process. Progress, however, is measured in slow and steady change; much of it at the local level and much of it not covered by the national media. This is as it must be, for this is how the radical right took command of our system of government, and this is how we progressives must take it back

So just what are we doing besides griping? I for one have worked very hard to support our local progressive Democratic candidate for the Virginia General Assembly with both my time and money. He did not win in the last election but and considering that his opponent had a ten fold larger war chest and had the advantage of incumbency he made a strong showing and he will run again and this time he will win. My support goes even more local than that- all the way down to the board of supervisors for Albemarle County where we had a clear choice of a candidate with progressive values who I supported and he won. In fact if you are looking for small local victories this is how it is done.

In the past five years, Albemarle County Virginia has moved from solidly conservative to moderate and now is regarded as moderately progressive. In the last Presidential election the county went for John Kerry. So what you may say, Virginia still voted for Bush. True, but to show how important it can be to change just one county, Virginia recently voted for a progressive governor, Tim Kaine. Albemarle County voted for Tim and helped to solidify that victory.

What else can you do to bring the country back from its descent into darkness? Write your local newspaper and television station make your voice heard. Hold the media accountable for biased, slanted or unfair reporting Call e-mail or write your congressional representative; I have done it and it is effective and your opinion can make a difference. Join a group dedicated to progressive values and support it with your time and money. I belong to Democracy for America and find it helpful in my quest to bring down the forces of darkness which are trying to destroy our democratic institutions.

We care about those who are less fortunate than us, we care about civil liberties, we care that our government is responsive to the people and not to organizations with an agenda contrary to our democratic principles. We must keep fighting and never give up; our countries survival is at stake!

David Goldberg