Saturday, February 18, 2006

Team Davos

While watching the Olympics yesterday I was struck by the indiscriminant use of the word "team." The word "contingent" might be more properly used to describe athletes of a nation pursuing their own personal competitive goals. After all, except in sports which are by definition "team sports": hockey, relays races, etc., the athletes are competing against one another.

Then I read an article in The Nation by Jeff Faux (which I take to be his real name anyway) that put the Olympic "team" idea into a different perspective. The Party of Davos is must reading for anyone who has or wants the larger picture. The Global Economy IS developing a global ruling class ... and has been since the Fuggers and Medici, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, and so on. Think of the global ruling class as analogous to the sum of the Olympic contingents of all countries. No, there is not a chairman, but yes there is a richest, a next richest, a most powerful, a next most powerful, etc., and they play by their own rules. They are competing, but they dare not jostle too much lest they get jostled back rudely.

Maybe they are less like the gold medalists and more like a pack of wolves.