Sunday, March 05, 2006

Civil War or Pretext?

We are going to take fifteen minutes out of your Sunday. This link is to a video of an Australian television interview with Robert Fisk, one of the most authoritative reporters based in the middle east. The interview is about the incipient civil war in Iraq, and Fisk is taking a decidedly different view from that taken by our American corporate media. At one point in the interview the Aussie moderator cuts Fisk off as he was saying something to the effect "... don't ask me to tell you ..." and the frustration visible in Fisk's face speaks volumes.

Fisk is a good reporter and knows what he is looking for when the evidence does not fit the context. Fisk has not found what he is looking for, but you can be sure that it will have finger prints that lead from the upper reaches of the George Washington Parkway in suburban Virginia south along the river to that polygonal building and then across the Potomac to the office of our Shootist-in-Chief and his little buddy George.

James Richard Brett