Saturday, April 08, 2006

Coma Rap

I just woke from a coma I was in for eight years
and America's decline is bringin' me to tears
Protections have been gutted and pollutions on the rise
Pay for workers going down but up for corporate guys.

When I conked out the debt was getting paid,
The Prez was in trouble cause he got laid,
But we were at peace and things seemed okay
And we all were lookin' forward to a better day.

Well I wake up to find we're fightin' two wars hard
And they've ex-ported all of our national guard
Everybody's freaked, and full of fear
and we're fightin them there so they won't come here

We have a terror alert now and should it turn to red,
better run and hide and get under the bed!

Terrorists are all around, but you can't see 'um
they're crazy and they hate us cause we got freedom
At least that's what the President keeps-sayin'-on-the-news
and media doesn't show many other views

Security to fight off these hidden fiends
Requires that the government use any means
to 'increase our security' in the War on Terror.
If you don't give up your rights, you're making a grave error

Any who dare question official motives-or-reason,
Are probably guilty of the crime of treason.
and must be silenced at any cost
so the War on Terror will not be lost

It seem this all began with the 2000 election
When the Supreme Court made the final selection
Of George Bush to be our new President
and to be the White House resident

What happened then was his numbers fell,
and then we got hit with the day from Hell,
when 9/11 came with attacks from the sky,
and a nation in shock, turned to that new guy.

Three thousand people were killed that day,
Bush said 'Osama did it! I will lead the way
to find him quick before it's too late!'
Osama, they said, was the man to hate.

Congress was given the Patriot Act
Which was passed with the help of an anthrax attack
Our rights were signed away to make us more secure
Then they voted for the president to go to war

No time to ask why they attacked our nation
No crime scene examination
we had to start bombing, No time to waste,
Osama may escape, we must make haste.

The hunt for Osama soon went cold
But tales of Saddam began to unfold
He had gas-and-nukes-and-weapons maybe hidden in the sand
That he planned to use on us, unless we quickly bombed his land.

Iraq was invaded but no weapons were found
and Saddam was pulled from a hole in the ground
The people were livin' in sewage and the dark
But we stayed to bring democracy and leave our mark.

The plan is to win and We're there till we do
Those who say leave must want a terrorist coup
Ya see it's our duty to bring free will
and those who oppose us we'll just have to kill

We're winning hearts and minds and we will not fail
though we may have to torture some we've put in jail
For those who somehow manage to escape that perdition
We'll surely catch them later using secret rendition

Every day in Washington they bring down our freedom status
Have we lost enough yet so they no longer hate us?
and why is it we're feeling so much less secure
and like we're sinking down in a deep pit of manure?

After 9/11 Muslim neighbors were arrested
We should have seen then the Constitution being tested.
Our reporters were embedded or risked getting killed
While in Dover, under darkness, came the coffins that were filled

Then people were drowning from hurricane Katrina
But no one could get a response from FEMA
or any help or word from our administration
Who were all somwhere else taking their vacation.

Congress passes laws to keep the President reigned in
But then he signs a paper sayin' they don't apply to him
Now he's wiretapping us because we might talk to Al Quaeda
And we don't know what he does with all that collected data

Congress keeps ignoring threats to the Constitution
They seem to be unwilling to provide us a solution
We're told we get our say when we cast our next vote
But who can wait for that when we're in a sinking boat?

And who can trust a machines that give no paper trail
and can be hacked to change the numbers so our vote for change will fail?

Our schools and health are taking second billing
no money for us, just for killing

Things round here sure do look like hell ever since the towers fell.

I guess for most of you this happened gradually,
and it doesn't seem as shocking as it does to me.

But for a nation that is in trouble, you're not using all your force
like protests, strikes and boycotts to make them change this course

I'm just saying that it seems we need to do something fast
or the American we love will be a thing of the past.

If we want to fire Bush & CO., we should ring our bells each noon
To put Congress on notice we want something done- and soon!

It's time to send the message we're not takin' this no more
No more giving up our rights, No more fighting war!
We want Peace,
We want justice,
We want life and to be free!
And this leadership must go to protect our liberty!

Sue Dyer
Guest Rapper

Copyright © 2006, Sue Dyer, All Rights Reserved