Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Conspiracy Theories are Red Flags

I am always on the look out for conspiracy theories. I see them as red flags that something may be amiss, as so often in the past it has been proven to be. The authors of 'Conspiracy Theories' are often called 'Conspiracy Nuts' who wear 'tin foil hats' and have 'wild fantasies about accepted 'reality.' I think of them as 'watchers and seekers'. They are the curious among us who are alert to the distorted, slanted, incomplete or propagandized message most of swallow without question from the Main stream media and 'official sources.'

Who among us has not had a moment when the message we heard sounded fishy or untrue? Unlike many of us, seekers dig for more information and ask more questions in an effort to uncover the truth. They share their information with others in order to get more input and to alert us that the situation bears examination. This effort can be fraught with frustration as it is not easy to swim upstream to find the truth against the current of popular belief. 'Official sources' will dismiss their questions without ever responding to them which sets the example MSM follows. The people who feel uncomfortable with questioning authority will also follow suit.

I could understand this if conspiracies were rare in our society, but they are not. If you take the time to look at our history, you will find multitudes of conspiracies carried out by various entities to defraud and mislead the public while 'the official message' shielded them from exposure. Our government at the highest levels has been complicit in many of them. Some recent proven conspiracies are:

  • Nixon using illegal wiretaps and burglary to gain advantage in an election.
  • The fake testimony that Iraqis were throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait to help Bush '41 raise popular support for war.
  • The foreknowledge of FDR that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, and his standown on that to bring the US into W.W.II.
  • The lie that the North Vietnamese had targeted one of our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin to justify war in Vietnam.
  • The whole Iran Contra system that was set up in our government to continue its war in El Salvador and fund it by selling arms to Iran, thus end running Congress which had refused to fund that mission and warned them to stop.
  • The Bay of Pigs incident which was an attempt to draw Cuba into war and came a hairsbreadth from unleashing a nuclear exchange with Russia.

    If no one had questioned or raised a hue and cry and persisted even after being booed down by the crowd, then these conspiracies would not have come to light.

    Given this dismal record, it's odd that so many still reject conspiracy theories as 'crazy' before they even check out the evidence.

    Actual Conspiracies have been shown to be are a very real threat to our society. Undiscovered they can cause us great harm by getting the nation into war, undermining our civil rights or defrauding us of our property.

    Right now we are faced with big questions about 9/11. The question of why we were attacked was never examined ('because they hate our freedoms' is too simplistic) The history of US interference in the middle east and our military presence there long before 9/11 has been ignored. Osama bin Laden released a statement in 1998 stating that continued US military presence in the middle east and our interference in their politics would lead to war. Can it be that the 'terrorists' are people who are fighting to free their homelands from US occupation and interference and not blood thirsty fanatics after all? Another oddity is that the US government has never delivered to us the proof of Bin Laden's guilt in 9/11. Did anyone notice that in April 2002 the FBI announced that they were unable to find evidence linking the
    'hijackers' to the event? The fact that the US had plans in the summer of 2001 to attack Afghanistan by that October have also been ignored. All charges unproven and yet we are at war.

    There's also the President's possible manipulation of intelligence to get us into war in Iraq. There is mounting evidence that he planned to go to war long before we were told Saddam was a threat.

    Both these situations reveal huge discrepancies in the official story from emerging facts. We owe it to ourselves and the security and health of our nation to seek out information that has been ignored or concealed or we risk the continued manipulation of those with hidden agendas that work against our interests.

    Conspiracy Nuts are actually the 'watchers and seekers' among us and should be commended for their curiosity and efforts to bring information to our attention and alert us to danger.

    That's why every time I hear there is a conspiracy theory that questions an 'official story', I pay attention and check it out. I trust my instincts and intelligence to decide if there is any merit to the questions or information raised and do some fact checking myself.

    If there's official rejection and name calling going on regarding some 'Conspiracy Theory' we should take notice because that's a red flag that someone is likely guarding a secret.

    Sue Dyer
    Guest Essayist

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