Thursday, April 06, 2006

Help Wanted

The American Liberalism Project blog is unique. We have a distinct purpose, which is to provide background and commentary on the passing events of the day overtly exemplifying a Liberal point of view. From time to time we provide extended discussions of the structural elements of politics and government. ALP also provides a community of understanding though its relatively small group of regular contributors. We believe that our readers like the opportunity to gauge the intellect and honesty of our essayists by frequent (weekly) encounters with them. Accordingly, each essayist is assigned a day of the week for which he or she is responsible to produce an enlightening essay from the grist of that week's news.

Because of ill-health of one regular and because of the resignation of another, The American Liberalism Project is now looking for essayists to fill spots in our lineup. We are looking for "authentic" writing, not necessarily college-level prose, but lucid, exciting, and intellectually honest.

If you have an essay a week in you, please consider contacting the editor and publisher for more information. If you have a sample essay handy, all the better.

James Richard Brett